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  1. What are dreams like?

    You see, I can't dream. I literally can't. When I sleep it's like pitch black and then it's tomorrow and I'm awake. I'm sure this is rare, so for those of you who can dream, what's it like?
  2. How odd. For me, dreams are you sort of being inserted into some random situation, in which you're doing things you can control, but to a certain extent. For instance, I once drempt I was in class, was called on by the teacher, answered a question, was asked to repeat it, and I was physically unable to respond. Two other weird things are that my dreams are usually in 3rd-person view, and that my vision is usually terrible.
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  3. I usually have very, very lucid dreams that seem like real life.
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  4. Well... TECHNICALLY you're still dreaming, or it would be impossible for you to maintain long term memory. =P

    I've been working on lucid dreams now for something like 8 months, and it's really payed off IMO. It is really great fun and I have been able to actually practice stuff, I didn't think the little I had to practice would work so well.
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  5. I don't know why but my dream last night was of a rotten flesh farm here on EMC. A spin on the watermelon farm i saw on youtube. lol
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  6. I wish I could help, I have the same problem, I used to be able to dream, or at least remember my dreams until my father went to Afghanistan because of the military and one day when I called him, I heard gunshots then panic, then he said I love you and have to go. I didn't speak with him for days after that, that was the last I remember dreaming that he didn't come home.
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  7. Yes! I'm just like you with that last part
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  8. I had a dream once, that I was in Minecraft.... it was... strange. I had to go speed mining to do an auction and I ran out of food...
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  9. A while ago I was working on lucid dreaming, but it was messing with my sleep schedule a bit because of me trying to write my dreams down when I had them, which, with my slow handwriting, was lengthy. I intend to give that another go this summer when I don't have rely on being well-rested so much.

    Typically, my dreams are strange. While in them, they seem just like real life, except the situations that I am typically in are very strange. Now that I think about it, members of my family very rarely appear in my dreams; though most dreams are forgotten by morning, of the dreams that I can recall, I haven't had a family member appear in a dream for two or three years at least. Most people I encounter in my dreams are friends that I share close memories or associations with, though sometimes others appear as well.

    In my dreams, I'm often in locations that I don't recognize. Once in a while I'll end up in a familiar place, but usually I'm in an adaptation or mixture of places I've been to the point where it's hardly recognizable. For instance, in at least four different dreams now I've returned to the same building, a building I have never seen within my life to my knowledge but which I've become fairly familiar with in my dreams. I haven't dreamed of it in a couple years now.

    Other than that, I can move and act just as I do now. Though the situations I am in are usually strange, I cannot ever recall a dream in which anyone/anything was able to do anything that could not be done in real life except for one dream I had when I was about 8 years in which I was sucked down a well and one weird dream that almost seemed to be out of a video game of some sort.
  10. I'm the same as you Chocolate. The only time I dream, or remember a dream, it always ends up happening in real life.
    Like it happened today at lunch, it's kinda like deja vu but I remember that I saw it in a dream.
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  11. I read somewhere that on average a person has at least two separate dreams per night. I've always had problems remembering my dreams unless they were nightmares. I've read a little on lucid dreaming and it scares me. Don't ever look up the scary parts of lucid dreaming if you're planning on trying it.
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  12. I am the SAME!!! Lol
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  13. Same
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  14. My dreams are vivid. All I got to say. I used to take a pill that caused vivid dreams. It cancelled out my vivid dreams.

    Sorry off track here. My favorite is falling off a cliff. Because I feel the air through my body, like I'm not even there.
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  15. Everyone dreams. You just don't remember them - either that, or you're a super mutant :p
    This is deja vu. Dreams aren't detailed - they're fuzzy and your brain doesn't remember or generate certain details within them, so circumstances in your 'dream world' can fit a ton of real life scenarios, and your brain will dream of these situations anyway with events that you do everyday - for example, driving to work or eating lunch or something. There's also something that happens with your brain calling on information from the part of it where dreams are stored and pulling something from there - it gives you the illusion you've dreamt of it, when really its tried to get stuff from it, hasn't found anything, so just sticks the event happening at that point inside there and boom, deja vu. The brain is a blumbering idiot sometimes.

    I hope I explained that right :p

    I usually don't remember my dreams. I'll usually be able to recall something from what I've dreamt up in the first few seconds of waking up. On the off-chance I do, the details usually fade away slower and stuff lapses into everything else - within a day or two, I'll usually forget completely. The ones that I do dream about are either horrendously creative or horrifically gruesome in some way (the most well-remembered dream I have involves 'shadow people' killing my entire family and chasing me until I jumped off my house's roof, before coming up to my dying body on the floor and ripping me apart). Dreams aren't important, so Mr. Brain thinks its a good idea to clear that room up and make space for actual important memories. I'd like to remember the stuff I dream of sometimes, but whatever, I'll just remember that random fact about the Battle of Bosworth from a history class in Year 7 that helps me in no way whatsoever unless I go study medieval history in University (history only does the English Civil War here for A Levels - another thing I remember that helps me in no way whatsoever ;-;).

    Also, fun fact: I've tried to lucid dream before. I went to sleep thinking of a big field with a desert to the right of it. I dreamt of that place. Only I had no control of the dream and I was Sonic the Hedgehog, hanging out with Sandor Clegane from Game of Thrones. It was... odd. I do not take drugs of any form btw.
  16. Care to explain how one works on lucid dreams?
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  17. I have the full story lying around in a forum post around here somewhere if you want it :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Found it. Didn't take very long. Thread is kind of similar to this one if you want to give it a read. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/deja-vus-and-lucid-dreaming.34072/page-3#post-660896
    I think this bit is a chunk of bullshit though lol:
    Write down your dreams every morning. Do reality checks every few hours while you're awake. Go to sleep thinking about what you want to dream of - start simple, like a grassy field or something. It takes a lot of work and a lot of patience, but you'll probably get the hang of it eventually and will be able to do anything you want in your dreams :p
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  18. Dreaming is just like the way you sleep. You don't feel different, it's just usually deja vu or that one girl/guy you like dating you or just your "dream" job ( No pun intended ). You just see this "movie" for like "5" minutes ( 6-9 hours of rest ). My dreams are usually about ecosmith's lead signer dating me or me playing soccer/futbol. I don't know the science behind this and such, but I do know it's based on who you've seen in your life and emotions toward things.
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  19. I think you might have misunderstood. Or if this is true for some it's not true for everyone. I can personally attest to that. I have had dreams so detailed that as I looked around I thought "this level of detail is said to be impossible in dreams." But there it was, completely possible.

    Watch the movie Inception :) In it they use 'tokens' to distinguish between the real world and the dream world? I use something like that. You need a way to distinguish between the states, then you need reasons (prompts) to test your token.

    Practice will help you recognize the dream state and will help you understand where you can push limits without waking up. By limits I mean things like forcing a change of scenery, adding/removing people etc.

    It's like when you're reading a book, and you're so into the story that you forget you're on your couch. You can feel, hear, see and are fully immersed. Also like when reading a book not all details are provided...the imagination fills in the parts close to the character and everything out of frame is non-existent. Another similarity is that when your subconscious drives (non-lucid dreaming) it's like being in someone else's story. You don't always know what's going to happen next.

    Lucid dreaming is like a blended virtual reality. You know that you're dreaming and you take partial or full control of the story line.


    This is all my own experience. I know it's different for everyone.
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