Deja vu's and lucid dreaming

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  1. Deja vus I find very interesting because once when I was younger I had a dream and a year and 3000 miles later I saw it happen exactly like the brief dream.
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  2. Wut. Every time I have lucid dreams, I know it's a dream.
  3. Yes, that was what he said. He said that knowing it was a dream doesn't mean it was lucid, but knowing it is a dream is needed in order to dream lucid.
  4. I wish I could have done that, the last time I had a nightmare.

    Basically, in my dream, I woke up after hearing my mum scream in the kitchen. So I ran into the kitchen and these things that looked kinda like Dead Space Necromancers were eating her and she was still alive. They didn't know I was there, so I ran behind the chairs at the end of the room next to the door. My dog's bed was covered in blood, and I saw her skull right next to me. I began to throw up, and these things noticed me, so I ran over the table and upstairs, and woke my dad up, and then we ran into my brother's room and they were eating my 2 year old (back then, he was 1) brother, and my 11 year old brother was screaming, and one dragged him over to them and started eating him.

    So we ran into my sister's room and climbed out of her window, but my dad fell out and landed on the car and his head had split open. So we climbed up the roof and my sister slipped, and one of those necromancer thingies had put his arm out (they looked like Necromancer arms :p) and pierced her through the chest. They started eating her, so I ran over to the other side of the roof and noticed they were climbing up on the other side out of my sister's bedroom window. I decided, I have nothing to lose anymore because everyone I care about has been eaten by these zombie-things, so I jumped off the roof.

    I landed in my baby brother's toys down in the back garden, and I was like, "I'm alive". Then, one of the things walked over to me and the others were jumping down from the roof, and then I was like "NOO!" and then they stabbed me in the head.

    I woke up at 6am (on time, for once :p) and I was sweating so badly I stayed off school because my mum thought I had a temperature. Good things can come out of nightmares, then...

    I should make a movie out of that dream :p
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  5. D: Couldn't even fully read through that. Too disgusting D:
    I did never have a dream with blood, maybe because I don't anymore play games like you do, so I kinda forgot what a bed drenched with blood looks like:p But when I have dreams like that it's hard to force myself awake cause I really have to focus for that, and when I have to keep running I won't dare to stand still and try to open my eyes, cause I don't want to die, obviously.
  6. So I decided to do something for school about lucid dreaming. Does aybody have any tips/feedback/stuff for me to look into? Looking for help! :)
  7. Apparently, my friend has this condition or something where he Lucid Dreams every night :confused:
    I'll ask him about it on monday
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  8. Yeah, the more you have lucid dreams, the more likely you are to lucid dream again.
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  9. Did you ask him? Oh snap, making a presentation is hard>.<
  10. it's 6:53 AM right now xD
  11. Lucid dreaming is hard for you to actually accomplish, but when you do, it's SWEET!
    I was able to pull off a few lucid dreams in the past, and it was awesome at the moment, but for some reason, I was able to dream about one subject and one character of the subject. So, after I got tried of dreaming about that topic and learning how prone I was to sleep paralysis, I stopped it all together.

    I've never experienced déjà vu though.
  12. Sorry, forgot 9 hour time difference:oops:
  13. bump? I need help for school:3
  14. Cordial, you don't mind when I use what you said in my presentation, do you?
  15. I once realized I was dreaming but didn't think of turning it into a lucud Dream. I woke up and was mad because I imeadatly realized I could have had one. (I've never had one:()