Deja vu's and lucid dreaming

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  1. Hey, it's me again!

    I'm hear with two text walls for you, for me they were interesting, but when you don't feel like reading them I won't force you.

    Edit: I am doing something for school about this. Does anyone have any feedback/tips/stuff to know about about the subject lucid dreaming?

    I have deja vu's pretty often. So I was wondering if much people from EMC have it too. For who not know what a deja vu is, I'll explain.
    A deja vu is when you like dream a short moment of your life what has yet to come. You'll forget it though, like with many dreams. Until it happens IRL. So, for example you see something, somebody says something and then you turn up and hear another thing, and then you think "Deja vu!" Then you remember your dream, cause it feels like it happened exactly the same earlier. I hope you understand me. It are often moments of like 3 - 9 seconds, and they happen exact idendical when you dreamt it as in the moment itself. That means you have a deja vu, french for yet seen, or seen before.

    I also heart of another thing. Someone asked Etho if he had lucid dreaming. So Etho did a short explanation of what lucid dreaming is. It's like, that in a dream you choose what to do yourself I think. But for me that seems obvious, cause when you don't do what you want, would you be controlled by somebody else? When I was younger, I learnt what nightmares are. At first I got really scared when I heart my heart beating. I thought it was a sign that something terrible would happen. Of course that's a vicious circle. I heart my heart bouncing, coincidental, and I got frightened. So then, of course, my heart beat harder and faster, cause I got a scare kick. Later. I had dreams, and when I discovered they were nightmares, because for example something really scary happened, I searched for a way to die. When someone with a gun was sitting in my room, I just went inside and waited for him to shoot me. Cause I discovered that when I would die in my dream I would wake up, and that was what I wanted, escape my dream. So in that period in my nightmares I just tried to kill myself, or live with it, and try to make the best I could. But that won't always work when you're in the middle of a nightmare. Later. I practised with opening my eyes. I am much older already. I don't want to die anymore, cause it kinda hurts. Even when it is a dream. So I try to make it better. When I'm in trouble, I try to search a safe spot. Then I try to open my eyes with all my power. And sometimes it worked, and I wake up in my bed. Sometimes it doesn't though, and I start to question myself, maybe it isn't even a dream. But most of the time it's easy to see if something is a dream or not. Also, when I have dreams, but they are not a nightmare, I just enjoy them. I know it is a dream and just hope nothing bad will happen and I don't wake up yet either. My most interesting dream I remember wasn't lucid though, I think. It was really long, and I was really young. There happened a whole lot in it. I think most was about some kind of Guardian, who helped me when in trouble. But then, at the end, the credits cameO_O I literally laughed and thus waked up. That was amazingXD

    But anyways, I may have bored you with two walls of text, but both these things, deja vu's and lucid dreaming, seem really interesting for me. So when you have experience with one or both, or just read a lot about it or got your own theories, please share them with me! :D

  2. I've never experienced Deja Vu in the way you described it, but Lucid Dreaming for me was pretty terrifying. I could Lucid Dream once, but another time I couldn't get past the sleep paralysis, so nope.
  3. Sleep paralysis? Lol, I guess I was right with thinking that I didn't really know what lucid dreaming ment. Could you either explain it or put a link to something relevant please?
  4. Deja Vu doesn't work exactly like that, although it's similar (to my knowledge). To put it simply, when any event occurs your brain has to register it. However sometimes the brain messes it up, so it puts the current event that's happening into your long term memory "folder" instead of the short term memory "folder," so you confuse the current event for something that has happened before when really it hasn't, it's just the brain glitching. :)
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  5. Oh, cool! I like that theory. Do you by any chance know anything about lucid dreaming? Cause my post is only based on experience and logic
  6. I don't, I've never had a lucid dream :( I really want one though haha
  7. This is pretty much the correct explanation. This error in the brain is also the cause of a quite strange mental illness in which the afflicted has deja vu of everything. The hilarious yet sad part is that the people normally turn down treatment of the illness... because they remember it not working in the past.
  8. I do not know if this qualifies as a lucid dream but it was odd. It seems something out of Doctor Who

    It was 3 in the afternoon and I was incredibly tired. I was sick for the last 2 weeks and earlier that day collapsed in the middle of walgreens. I could not walk in a strait line, I was hearing voices and was completely delusional. I stumbled up the stairs and told my mother that I was taking a quick nap. I then woke up 3 PM the other day, I had slept 24 hour with the intention of a nap. My dog licked my feet and my mother said I was sleep talking and semi-concious. According to studies 1/9 people will have a lucid dream in your lifetime and the moment you wake up 50% of the dream is forgotten, after 10 minutes it is 90%. I still remember the dream to this day. Well, here is the dream:

    I wake up in a white room, a hollow sphere with a window, tied to a chair. I am met by a man asking me questions. After a lot of them I then was released. I fell about 10 feet. I knew I was dreaming but i felt pain. In a dream, which should not be possible. It was a group of clustered buildings which all seemed beat up and strange. It was a city, but thriving was anything but the right word. It was filled with people but in a dead stop. Authorities were constantly patrolling the area and taking people. It was scary because while i knew it was a dream, it is an eventual reality. I see the world differently than others. I despite the human instant, think not of what I wish for, but what reality has in store. The truth is upsetting and I realized I could change reality since the dream was my own. I then morphed the dream. I changed the people, the setting, my image, my voice. I woke up after a long experience where I became a king of my own kingdom and then overthrew myself.

    To this day I have never had a single nightmare and I can feel in dreams. I can control them and they are my escape from reality. Where there are no rules and I control what happens. In the dream I teach myself, I learn, I grow, and I am not subjected to life.

    I also have deja Vu but those experiences are less interesting.

    My mind is full. I study philosophy, love school, active in politics, a genius and I love to think. I love to draw and to learn. The thing is society, people and others get in the way of that. People tell you are wrong or it is impossible, dreams look pass that. Also, dreams are more than just a state of mind. I can communicate with others and people can get messages in real life. Dreams cannot simply be understood or defined. Dreams are simply anything.

    Well, what am I saying? I do not know because i am confusing myself also.
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  9. 1/9 people have a lucid dream in their lifetime. There are ways to control it.

    • eat a lot of yellow mustard and foods with melatonin. That chemical helps sleep and dreams
    • keep a dream journal. the moment you wake up for every day for 3 weeks write a dream journal. It will help you to start remembering dreams and consciousness during them
    • do not use electronics 1 hours before sleeping. it disturbs brain wave activity
    • start normal sleeping habits (waking up and going to sleep on a regular schedule)
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  10. There are two ways to Lucid Dream that I know of. Lucid dreaming is basically knowing you're dreaming and controlling the dream, possibly avoiding nightmares. The first way is to realize you are dreaming within the dream. This way avoids sleep paralysis and waiting, you just have to look at the signs (clocks, times, ect.) and realize you're dreaming, once you do that you should be able to control the dream. The second way is where your body thinks that you're asleep, but you are awake. You are paralized, I.E Sleep paralysis, you can't move anything and will likely hallucinate frightening things if you open your eyes. I've read it can take about 7 minutes if you close your eyes and don't move, even to scratch or stretch, those are the signals your body is sending to see if you're awake. Once in that position, just close your eyes and you being to dream, thus controlling it. Hoped I helped :)
  11. Yes, I have lucid dreams very often. Yesterday I dreamt about a zombie horde and it was horrible until I realised it was a dream :p I used to have a lot of deja vu's but not now.
  12. I'm in the middle of like a brain Deja Vu malfunction right now >.< also, Deja Vu is french for Already Seen.
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  13. Wow. This is...interesting.
    Can you control your dreams..?
  14. They're not really anything so to speak because dreams are your subconscious. :)
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  15. Your brain sometimes gets different places that look simular (sometimes there not) and makes you think that you have seen that at that time.
  16. I have always been able to lucid dream (never knew what it was exactly) but i was always under control. I maybe once had those odd dreams where i was not in control, but i do seem to day dream and lucid dream (maybe they are the same idk).

    Fun Facts:
    1. People who are snoring cannot dream
    2. Peoples faces that we see and imagine in our dreams are only the ones we have seen in our non-dream world (our daily life). We cannot mentally picture someones face we have not seen.
  17. That's what lucid dreaming is, you are under control :) really interesting how the brain is really
  18. But it really seems like you've lived that moment before
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  19. I was thinking: What would happen if you don't control your dreams yourself? Would you be watching yourself like it is a movie?
  20. Well.... uh.... You can always control yourself in a dream, but not control the actual events in the dream.