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  1. It's also influenced by whatever you're thinking about when you fall asleep. ;)
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  2. When I dream it is usually something important. Once I dream something it usually happens the next day and/or I learn a secret and it has nothing to do with me but others. Kinda creepy but my dreams kinda feed me information. My friends call me the Mysterious One cause I know dark secrets from my dreams. Not to freak people out but yeah XD
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  3. This is a little off topic but I wanted to give you some tips.

    It took me a while to break the usual laws of physics. I think...because it was hard for my mind to craft a scene around something not based on real experience.

    So if you're still trying, you might have luck if you start with something small and familiar. Narrowly focus on something like your car (if you're driving). Perhaps tilt the car over, or try jumping over it. Something you can't really do but stretches your imagination. When your mind is familiar with those actions and feeling you can try more unusual things.
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  4. No, trust me on that... *thinks of Sydney Sierota*...
  5. Have you tried a quiet, gentle, alarm clock? What you described only happens to me if I'm really tired.

    When you wake up do you feel like a lot of time has passed or is it more like "where did the time go?"
  6. I ussually dont remember my dreams, but i have one that keeps coming every few years, will describe it tommorrow
  7. Yeah I know, bump. I just thought I'd add to my experiences with dreams...

    They can be the worst things ever. I'm not talking about nightmares. Your subconscious knows every one of your deepest desires, all of your secrets, stuff that you don't even really know about yourself. It exposes all of this stuff through dreams sometimes, usually when you don't want to want to think about that stuff at all.

    Take last night, for instance. I woke up in the dream, and I found out this girl I... 'talked' to online who 'left' me yesterday moved to where I live. I don't know how I didn't pick up that this was a dream straight away - why on Earth would she do that? She's made it pretty clear she's tied down by family, a difficulty in making new friends, and her friends in the country she lived in. Plus, it's me - who meets me and changes their life in such a big way for me? I'm insensitive, I can get obsessive over people, and I can annoy people more than I want to. When I put my mind to it, I'm also extremely manipulative. I've tried to kill this side of me but its still there. Besides, I even took note that things looked slightly distorted in the dream, like her face had a kind of mild fisheye effect on it. If I'd have just thought, "yeah, this is a dream", it would have all been over and I'd have saved myself a few hours of answering questions in my head.

    So, yeah. I see her walking in front of me as I'm walking into school. I just casually say hi to her, apologise for stuff I said yesterday, and ask her 'what are you doing here?'. She said something - I can't remember what it was, and then walked away. I go to some lesson, and she's sat next to me in the class. I talk to her through the whole lesson, like it was one of our chats. Like... "your mum sounds cool", "you have a good sister", "[creepy yet light-hearted joke we both laugh at here]". I'm honestly relishing in this conversation - it was 'the best one since last Sunday', I recall calling it in my head during the dream. Suddenly, we're in the middle of the bus stop I walk to everyday and have texted her in and laughed out loud when I'm alone at her jokes (SoulPunisher does not laugh out loud when he's alone), and we're getting a bus together. For some reason, I ask for a hug - probably because I've said that if I ever meet her, the first thing we're doing is hugging because 'I want to hug a short girl'. She says yeah, and I'm in this person's (who is at shoulder height and 5'1 on me, but often looked about 3'0 throughout the dream, didn't pick up on the fact that this was a dream from that either) arms. I suddenly think 'wow, a girl's never done this to me before...' and I think its perfect, and kind of wanted to stay there forever or something. I realise this person is emanating no warmth and I can't feel them around me even though they're stood right there, and then I'm suddenly just staring at black.

    I jolted awake after what felt like about 2 seconds, angry that none of this dream was real. I wish I was comatose and able to stay in that dream for weeks on end, or to not have had it at all. I'd like to call it a nightmare, but it was probably my best dream in a while. So good I wish it never ended, yet so bad I never want anything like it again. Getting hit by a car would have been less painful than waking up this morning for me ._.

    My point is dreams can be awful, even if they're not nightmares at all. I don't think that was brought up here and I wanted to add to that :p
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  8. Ikr? They can be terrible.
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  9. On occasion, I get wonderful dreams. I used to have nightmares a lot when I was younger, but that doesnt happen now. Whenever I go through a dream, I feel like I have no control over it, like its random. Then, when I wake up, I wonder what I could've done. :)
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  10. A few of you mentioned lucid dreaming. How does one practice/get them?
  11. Idk. I just have them.
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  12. I have that all the time, its pretty cool because I can predict whats going to happen because I saw it in a dream
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  13. Well, turning 18 I still haven't yet to stop dreaming. I guess it is family traits. My mother loves to talk and remember dreams and it passed to me. I can tell you I had dreams being in minecraft having my skin of course, opening my eyes to realize my arms are rectangles. Sure I was hella scared but I started to punch trees quite easily. I ran to the mountains with my wood and created a base underground. I wasn't dealing with mobs early in the game so I got to mining. I finished mining out a area where I can home and I hit the nearest cave I ran into. I got iron and coal made myself better tools and armor. The last bit I remember I was near diamonds and soon three dark characters were around me and I was slowly sinking in the lava.

    If you remember PenguinDJ, either Dr_Chocolate or ShrinkingMatt, and I were a team. I know crazy right? But anyways the notorious Dark Red team was chasing us and I snuck around near a lava lake. I died shortly there near that lava lake.

    I have another dream about me actually being Foxy, and may I tell you how weird it was being a robot. I have never felt so constrained in my life. I didn't feel any movement I just saw my movements. It drove me insane being my own character and I remember quite vividly me biting down on the night guard's head and all his blood dripping off my mouth.

    One particular mining night after this dream, I literally lost all my sanity. KikuDusk and JossytheNinja experienced this and it was a sight to be unseen. I was very... Interesting to say the least.

    Dreams can be good or bad, mostly I dream very vividly when I worry or I feel very constrained. So far, I haven't felt like that in a while. Thanks goodness but dreams can be a blessing or a curse. If I dream of something happy I will not remember it, just the satisfaction of me feeling happy tomorrow morning. As for all of you, emotions play a large role in having a dream. It will affect the outcome of what you dream about. :p
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  14. For me I made a trigger, so I could know when I'm dreaming and when I'm not. Then I could just focus on pushing the limits of my imagination. But I was starting from already having dreams. You said earlier that you don't dream at all, and I'm not sure what advice to offer on that.

    What is it like to not dream? What if you set an alarm for one hour after you lay down. Would you wake up as if no time had past? Would you only have 'day-dreams' to remember?
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  15. Since my dreams are occasionally rare, they usually happen on school days. My alarm clock always interrupts them and I get really mad. Lol
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  16. I used to have dreams in reoccurring places. when I was little, I kept having dreams that some of my family was in a car with me, parked on the side of the road between 2 apartment buildings. Then at some point dinosaurs would pour in from around the apartment buildings and eat my family in front of me, then eating me. I probably had about 10 of these dreams but the way the dinosaurs broke into the car, who was in the car with me, and my families cries were different.

    I would also have the same dream every Christmas for 4 years. I would be opening my presents at the Christmas tree and the abominable snowman form Rudolph would come it and eat my family and me. The last 2 years I got smart enough to hide under the pine needle catcher under the tree.

    I think the most vivid, scariest dream I ever had was when I was into making blanket forts. I had a black blanket and draped it over my bed. It sagged quite a bit so it was basically just lying on my face. Anyways I dreamed I was in the dining room of a cruise ship and then I felt a sense of weightlessness as the ship just sunk into the sea. I saw the water rush past the window, and then water came flooding through the doors the waiters came out of and the force of the water hit my head against the table knocking me out. I woke up at this point and saw absolutely nothing but pitch black because of the blanket. (The hall light is usually on so its somewhat light in my room all the time so this was weird). I screamed thinking I had died and punched the blanket at which point a pile of pillows fell on me and scared the crap out of as if I wasnt scared enough thinking I had died.

    Basically, your not missing anything. Thank God you can sleep peacefully.
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