Drawing your Character Chibi-ish Style!

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  1. NOTE : No more Drawings will be done free. I will hopefully open up a new thread in the future but with payed versions. All orders before will be done but others I'm sorry if you want one now, but you'll have to wait for the new thread and pay D:

    I'm doing this due to a big amount of orders being asked to do and some people don't donate. I understand people are donating alot but I'd like it more proffesional and organized. I do enjoy making them for free and making people happy, but I just don't feel it's right anymore hehe

    Also, I'm sorry It's been taking so long. I promise I will do better. Also, the people who haven't got there's done yet are in for a treat, I've improved with my lines and colouring! =D

    This service is where I will draw your minecraft character. Now your probably like `For how much?' Funny thing, it's FREE. Yes I'll draw your minecraft character for free, unless you want to donate, then go ahead!
    Please read everything here and look at the examples before you order to avoid any confusion. Thanks =D
    Rules / Notes

    1. No Inappropriate Skins
    2. I may be busy, so sorry if it is delayed
    3. I can only draw humans
    4. If your skin is a creeper, I can try and make it a human creeper if you like
    5. Some skins I might not be able to do, so please understand...
    6. Each skin can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depends on the skin.
    7. No using the drawing without credit, you can use it as your profile picture, use it as a backround or anything like that, just GIVE CREDIT! PLEASE!!!!!

    Here are some examples of my drawings : View attachment 34907 View attachment 34908 View attachment 34909 If they don't work try going to my deviantArt (HERE) or my Youtbe (Link in my Signature)
    Yes, this service is free. But I always like when people donate. When you donate your name will be put up on this list. Thanks to all donations =D

    1. FDNY21 - 2,000r
    2. georgeashington - 2,000r
    3. PonyUp16 - 500r
    4. TehrandomX - 500r
    5. AwesomeBuilder33 - 5,000r
    6. AmusedStew - 5,000r
    7. krysyyjane9191 - 5,000r
    8. Ocelotawesome - 1,000r
    9. Jake81201 - 8,000r
    10. 607 - 10,000r
    11. southpark347 - 50,000r
    12. colepuncher - 2,000r
    13. ShelLuser - 14,372r
    14. clan23 - 1,000r
    15. cadenman2002 - 49,000r

    Order List

    1. FDNY21
    2. Evesthery
    3. georgeashington
    4. AmusedStew
    5. krysyyjane9191 & ignoramoose
    6. Uzziya_
    7. TehrandomX
    8. Uber_Corq
    9. Luckygreenbird
    10. AwesomeBuilder33
    11. Chocolate800
    12. PonyUp16
    13. SleepyPK
    14. RyugaXI
    15. Drmadfate
    16. georgeashington
    17. Gawadrolt
    18. Ocelotawesome
    19. KnightyNight
    20. colepuncher
    21. xHaro_Der
    22. ShelLuser
    23. clan23
    24. Dj_Krazy
    25. SkyDragonv8
    26. TehrandomX & haastregt
    27. KarateKitKat
    28. f_builder_s
    29. AverageWalrus
    30. Chief_McCloud (with santa hat)
    31. daveiscool321
    32. Lockdown32
    33. MasterMockery
    34. cadenman2002
    35. Jaffam4n
    I now do commissions! If you feel like you don't want to wait for your's to be done commissions will be quicker and more customisable!

  2. Please do mine, thanks Chewsy! I'll try and send over a donation sometime :D (I see you said you only do humans or human-like creepers? Well mine is basically a human creeper anyway :p)
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  3. Can you draw my humanoid owl skin? I'll attach the skin file for reference .
  4. What I ment by that is a human but with creeper-like clothing if that's ok =3
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  5. I'll try. I'm not too sure how to draw owls and I said I'm not good with animals, but I'll try xwx
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  6. Ahh well, I have a white suit on for my avatar so will that be alright? :D
  7. Trust me, they are very easy to draw. :)
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  8. That'll be fine! I can work with it =D
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  9. Don't use my profile pic as a reference. I need to update it. =P My current skin is a fairy, which is basically a human with wings.
  10. Okie Dokie x3
  11. Do you mind if I make it without your hat? It's fine if you really want it, I can try it's just to make it I just had some other Ideas for the head lol
  12. Can you do mine? I'll donate as soon as I'm in game :)
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  13. Sure! =D
  14. Either the one I have currently or some kind of top hat would be nice, doesn't have to be the original but something along the lines of what I just said there, thanks :D
  15. You've just given me an idea XD
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  16. I'll take that as a good thing :p
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  17. Sign me up for one! Will donate some rupees once I see the final product.
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  18. Done =D
  19. Can you do more than one person in it?

    Specifically looking for a Moose and Krysyy one =)
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  20. Sure, I can do two people in one =D
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