Dragon Signatures

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  1. I've been close to getting a leetle tree several times however my computer lags for like 20 seconds during the resets and I always get beat.. :(
  2. Me too! I almost got a leetle tree once, laptop lagged out :/ I know that feel..
  3. I have one!
  4. :( my dragons are all grown up :(
  5. You can get more....
  6. I have a gold tinsel, bronze, and silver along with the legendary trio. and i also own!
  7. I know EVERY rares description if i see it and what they look like.
    yeah im a tryhard.
  8. I smell a spam thread.
  9. Lol havent seen you in months skilled!
  10. Yes! I just got a Magi Dragon! Maybe when it grows up, I can trade with somebody...
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  11. First try with these, so I'll start with one egg. See how it goes.
  12. I know they aren't very special, but I have 4 black, 4 Goldfish, a set of trios, 7 magi, a Nebula (green), 8 pink, 2 bronze tins, 5 purple, 8 red, a silver, 2 spring, 5 UV and a vampire.. :3
  13. I pick random, like the fat pink dragons that float. Dey be da bomb.
  14. A little mixup with everyone's words :D

    EDIT: I saw some posts and edited so it looks like this!

  15. my first dragon
  16. Clicked Everyone Again I'm just clicking here everyday you can even click with different posts :D
    Please Click Mine To only 2 days left till hatch!
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  17. I have 4 Eggs Now Please Click :)
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  18. I smell someone who knows nothing. This thread is posted under Miscellaneous, but thank you for your input.
  19. NOICE!
  20. I smell someone with no brainz...
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