Dragon Signatures

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  1. Well, to be honest, leetle trees are boring. They don't grow, so it doesn't put the same kind of feeling with dragons.
  2. lol, you got 7!
    I got 2 dragons, I'm showing one of them ATM :)
  3. my signiture is full i can't put them on :D even though i don't even own any!
  4. I used to have Dragon Eggs like you guys, but I stopped for no reason.

    This thread made me get new Eggs! :D
  5. I can only say:
    :) I think I should get a new egg
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  6. I'm clicking everyone like freaking crazy *Mouse Shut Down*
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  7. I just joined this dragon thing so please click my egg!
  8. Please click my poor little baby eggs before im forced to make an omelette...
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  9. Done. Also, can you click mine please?
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  10. Already done my friend, may they grow to become fierce creatures of will...
  11. Can anyone tell me what it takes for an egg to grow up?
    Anyway please click my eggs!
  12. Lots of people clicking it.
  13. Bump so more people can get clicks
  14. Lol, this will help everyone with there dragons.
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  15. Ya dont say some are rare
  16. Lol im picky, i only pick rares xD
  17. That's what I've been trying to do XD
  18. i need some dragon eggs...
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