Dragon Signatures

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  1. I smell me wanting Clicks :)
  2. XD. You shall have them!
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  3. Me got an Egg from the Coast so please click it too :D
  4. My first dragon green mystery gave me.
  5. My first dragon Its a green dragon. :D
  6. Just in case others missed the link for the Dragon Daycare
    Also if your egg is in trouble (has less than 4 days left before it dies) this place has an emergency care for them.

    I try to breed mine, but i usually just end up getting the same of one of the parents. So got a couple new eggs from the cave.

    Has anyone gotten a Cheese Dragon? I think I read they were an event dragon?

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  7. I wish I did. I really want a Black Marrow Dragon, but they were a special event dragon. :(
  8. I believe dragcave.net/user/greenmystery has one.
  9. Wow Green! You've got some really awesome dragons!

    Care to impart some of that Dragon Master wisdom on us novices?

  10. Yeah he gave me my first dragon!
  11. what egg description am i shooting for oid?
  12. Your hair stands on end whenever you go near this egg.- thunder
    This egg doesnt look like it belongs; its brightly colored with white spots.- dino
    And theres a lot more
  13. Crap. I just missed a My favorite dragon put up for an abandoned trade. :(
  14. i just got a new one. is it good? ps my 2 dragons won't breed :(
  15. I dont see any rares...
  16. other people should generate incubators....
  17. No. It would be kinda awkward for me.
  18. why?

    EDIT: is there a set number of eggs you can have?
  19. I just opened like 25 tabs with everyone's eggs in them :D
    Please click my tropical new egg!