Dragon Signatures

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  1. Guys you dont need clicks. Views are gained by it being on the page.
  2. :confused:... I just realized that my Dark Pygmies are kissing.. xD
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  3. Does anyone know which dragon ios the one that allows you to trade? Since I want some specfic dragons. Also, what should I name wittle baby black one?
  4. K. I really need one, lol. Also, is there a site that tells you what every dragon/egg grows into?
  5. Uh huh. Dragn Cave wiki.
  6. They have one? :O
  7. I normally wait until they gender to name them and then use baby names sites... :3
  8. dragcave.net/register
  9. If its on the internet, there is a wiki for it somewhere.. xD
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  10. I keep hoping Ill find a random rare one. XD
  11. lol, you and everyone else.. xD.. I've only ever "found" my bronze tinsels and one of my blacks and my only nebula, and only my nebula I found in wild... The rest were AP rescues.. :3
  12. All I need is ONE epic dragon. Then he/she shall make the oddest lineage ever.
  13. make mine grow or DIE
  14. Epic as in how? Explain, please.. :3
  15. i just got a new croppage. does anyone know how to put existing dragons on without the bbcode? (click my "scroll" button in my sig)
  16. LOL, that's what I say when my brother needs help with a game. "Look it up on the wiki!"
  17. I almost got a rare yoshi type one! Someone took it before me :C
  18. I edit my signature every time I get new eggs.. :3