Dragon Egg Auction!

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  1. OK! It's finally that time!
    We are auctioning off FOUR dragon eggs: one from Smp1, Smp2, Smp3, AND Smp4! PS Smp5's egg doesn't exist. It was removed before the server became public.

    Wednesday at 7:00 pm EST,
    at lot number 2223[pilotcat], we are going to sell ALL FOUR of the dragon eggs that we have! [We=bluebl1, ShawnZup, camdenmil, pilotcat, and maybe pikminboy111]. Just think how epic it will be when the first egg that ever existed, the Smp1 dragon egg, is on YOUR lot! Don't pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Whoever buys it might not re-sell it so this could be your only chance!

    Currently, the eggs are at 2430. There's a big arrow pointing down. that points strait into a museum, and at the end of the museum are all four dragon eggs in all their glory. The museum outlines the adventure from the beginning to end of the quest for a dragon egg! There's only one per server, making it extremely rare.

    If you want to offer anything at all before the auction, post your offer in this thread AND WHAT EGG YOU'RE OFFERING FOR! We DO have all four eggs and we DO know which egg is from which server because we've paid close attention to ensure they're separated at all times.

    Don't give up just because there's a higher offer, because if they can't pay for it, we go to the next highest bid. We will be recording every bid. Tip: if the current bid is at 15,000r and your highest bid is at 10,000r, you can bid 14,000 (even though it's less than 15,000) and what that does is if whoever bid 15k doesn't pay us, we'll come to you instead of someone else.

    We'll occasionally update this forum during the auction and you'll be able to get a round-about on how much you need to bid from the forum to get the egg(only if you can't get on smp1...might be a lot of traffic)

    PLEASE post any questions ASAP.

    Current bids:


    We have a spreadsheet listing the current top bid! This is going to be updated during the auction and at all points leading up to it!
    Until the auction, it might not update for hours at a time since we aren't all on 24/7.
    Google spreadsheet might only update itself once every 10-20 seconds, so during the auction, don't be scared if your bid doesn't show up as soon as you place it.

    **Look at my second post on page 10 for more recent updates.
  2. I'll bid 25k for the smp1 enderdragon egg and 25k for the smp2 enderdragon egg
  3. You guys better like bluebl1's post... or i'll haunt and explode in your dreams and you will lose all your stuff including 10 million creepers all over you :)
  4. 25,100 smp1 enderdragon egg
  5. Lol I want the enderdragon eggs sooo badly if no 1 buys them all, i will :)
  6. 30,000r for smp1 dragon egg
  7. o wait Shooter look he edited it saying the time of the auction o.o I feel stupid as I didn't read it all :p
  8. Lol, ill pay a lot blue for 1
  9. wow that was fast
  10. how many rupees do you have Shooter?
  11. A lot, I get a lot a day and a lot from selling items =)
  12. Ya there's an official time BUT you can place bids for the eggs right here and now if you want! Also if there's some reason you can't be there Wednesday 7:00 pm est then say something.
  13. for smp3 i start with 1000r
  14. smp4 3000r
  15. guys if u want to win the bet, bid higher then 1k that will show the rest u mean business
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