Double-Layered Text on Site

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Kyzoy, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Starting around five minutes ago, the text began to switch back and forth from normal to, well, this—

    What should I do?

    EDIT: Was I hacked by Donald Trump?

  2. FOr people who have visual impairments, this is very very difficult to read/deal with and give awful headches. Please change this back!
  3. It really hurts my face...
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  4. One of my contacts is out and it is really painful
  5. Yes this is very frustrating please change this!!
  6. I hate it
  7. and it also says that donald trump hacked the website
  8. Trump was here. EMC is doomed.
  9. Because of this double-layered text, my dad thinks this website has tons of viruses and bugs... please change it back...
  10. It's been infected with Donald Trump
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  11. Thanks, trump. 10/10 really brings the site together
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  12. The new Trumpwashere theme really ties the site together. I think it would really suit Christmas time.

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  13. You need to update your chrome.

    But I'm having trouble removing this Trump attack. We might have to deal with it until tomorrow.
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  14. Oh it's just the site.. *cancels BestBuy order for new monitor*
  15. Is this an april fools joke? This really isn't funny. If the staff think that making up 1.9 pvp is funny, lots of players are getting mad and taking this seriously. About this issue, THIS IS SUPER ANNOYING :(
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  16. I died.. too funny
  17. It was of course quite unpleasant and inconvenient, but to me, it was bearable for a day.
    Let's just make sure we improve our security system so Trump doesn't break into the site again.
    Of course, if he actually creates an account, he's welcome... as long as he doesn't revive 72Volt's lava wall idea.