Double Block Plants not working properly?

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  1. Ok, not sure if anything has been said on this matter but, for the longest time when ever I try to grow Tall Grass, Tall Ferns, or especially Lilacs they look like they should for a while then they look like this...

    Is it suppose to be like this, (Extra Info: In Wilderness)
  2. This looks cool, But I don't think it's supposed to be like this :rolleyes:
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  3. Are you by any chance using a texture pack? Because that could explain things.
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  4. I thought the same thing shel, i use a texture/resource pack whatever you want to call it. so i took it off and even in default i'm still having the same exact issue as cyberazaz, also noticed my sheep look faceless. its creepy in the slendersheep sorta way. no markings no face just a blank moving sheep. i've tried several other packs too. same thing. doesn't matter if its default or textures. which leads me to think that whatevers effecting Cyber and i (and possibly others) isn't texture-pack related. I've had this issue since late september! i just never said anything about it cause it didn't effect my gameplay one bit.
    i do have 2 theories tho on what it could be. one is i never noticed changes until i messed around on 1.9 snapshops for a bit. I've never done that before until now. normally i wait for the official release but those glider flyer things just looked too interesing to not play with. Since 1.9 is still in snapshot version it could be a bug or glitch from that thats effecting the graphics. OR my second theory is mods. I don't know about cybers game i have recently started using mods in the past 2 month. (all of which are emc legal btw) i'm not certain but perhaps one of those could have effected the graphics for some odd unknown reason. Of course this is all speculation but still they're options to consider looking into to possible fix your dwarvish 2-block flowers.
    Also it does the same thing in Singleplayer as it is on the server(s) so its definately client side at least for me.
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  5. I was also thinking most of that, but it's not texture packs, and I don't think it's mods either. The top block isn't even there when I hover over it with my cursor to break it. Only the Bottom is there, it's like the top just vanished.
  6. Maybe its just the way u r standing or a texture pack. But otherwise im pretty sure there supposed to be 2 layers ( top and bottom )
  7. Ever since the 1.8 update double-tall plants have been very awkward on EMC, this is "normal" for all double-tall plants, but is definitely not intended. No resource pack or orientation caused this =P
    EDIT: How I know this is because it happened after 1.8, and if you move your cursor to where the top half should be, it highlights nothing. So the top half is basically deleted
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  8. Yea, I did notice it more frequently when EMC went to 1.8, good to how it's not just me.