Do you realy need all these flags

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Do you think there are to many flags and they should be reduced?

Yes 13 vote(s) 29.5%
No 28 vote(s) 63.6%
Undecided 3 vote(s) 6.8%
  1. An inventory based UI like /promo is possible.
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  2. thay would be nice say for example you could type a command like

    /res pset tomj2525

    that would open up the us there is an item in there that yo could select somehow then tuns the command to give it.

    if that was done it woudl be useful and alto easier to type all the commands and if you could select more then one that is...
  3. Everything needed is already implemented in chat commands. If Macro mod can issue chat commands then so could any another mod. It would be no different in principle than typing a command in once then up arrowing and editing it. It would just be nicer and rather than having to go to Wiki to figure out what all the permission names are it would be right there in game.

    We have seven different Minecart flags. Instead of having to remember the name and how to spell the one I want, I could have a graphic interface where I select Minecart/Hopper/Place, enter Pab10S in a field then click Add and the interface would issue "/res pset Pab10S hopperminecart true" to chat.

    Removing my perms could be as simple as selecting my name from a list of players who have perms that was scraped from the results of the "/res info" command then clicking Delete. It would then issue "/res pset Pab10S flagname r" for each permission I have.

    I've spent a lot of time thinking about how it might work. As programmer I know it is easier to describe things like this than it is to actually do them, but it is definitely possible to do. It is not an immediate solution to the OP's complaint either.
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  4. I really like all the flag options!
    I just wish there was an easy way to give all (or a group) of flags out at once.
    But I like the res flags :).
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  5. Just skipping over the replies so forgive if this is a repost but they are currently working on an all flag or something related to it.
  6. ysuysuyusyusysuysuysusyusyusysuyusyusyusysusyusyyus (Maybe Red and Green wool as T/F, and then stuff like: Wood = Build, Lever = Use, Chest = Container, Boots = Move, etc. :D)
  7. More flags=less problems=less work for staff :D
    Makes it easy for all. Short and simple. ;)
  8. I can tell youbnow that the current number of flags and how you have to give tham all individually is very impractical, as tom and pab have said working on others reses has become more difficult since the four main flags from when I startes nearly 2 years ago. It only took a few minuets to allow someone to do anything on your res and now it can take 5 minuets to give the correct flags to perform simple tasks such as working on a sorting system or a farm.
  9. *Working on a sorting system* FLAGS: Build Use Container Hopper (Is this a flag?) And sometimes Containerminecart (Or hopper, is there a hopperminecart flag? I don't use hoppers much)
    *Farm* FLAGS: Build Container (If automatic, use)
    Also, few is often considered 3 to 5/6. Few Minutes = 5 Minutes.
  10. Man, someone is lazy :p ...
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  11. That works because the user has the textures already. Something like a menu made for this would be impossible. You could do an inventory bases interface with different items for different things as others have pointed out.
  12. i wish there was a command to give someone all the flags because i have to give my alt ALL the flags everytime i reset the flags
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  13. Man I have been here a long time and giving flags used to be easy now u need to work out what flags u need then give them and can be hhard if u can't spell very well (like myself) could be quite tedious so an all command would make life so much easier when building with others
  14. I'm still hoping :p
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  15. I like that there are a lot of flags, but I find managing flags a pain now...

    What I'd like to see is some new way of assigning and managing flags. Something like an inventory based UI, or something on the site. And I'd like more groups of flags, so that you can assign one flag, and that would automatically assign a number of child flags.
  16. There should be an admin flag which gives a person access to all flags on the res. Because quite frankly it is a pain to type in all the flags for multiple people...
  17. Your comment makes me think of Group user permissions like what you see with computers.

    If we had a command to copy permission settings from one player to another we could pretty much do everything we have been talking about. I could issue "/res pset mr2r2m pab10s copy" and you would have Build, Use, and Container with one command. If I didn't want you to have Container and I have another friend who is set up with Build and Use but not Container, I could do the Copy and use their permissions instead.

    We could also have Alias users that are just used as templates for the Copy command. So I might have an Alias defined named "Admin" with Build, Use, and Container perms and another named "Trusted" who would get Build and Use, but not Container. Someone with a free Wool farm might set up a Worker Alias that has Shear, Breed, and Use permissions. Maybe a standard alias named Default or Muggle would be used to set someone back to the default permissions settings.

    We could have a set of pre-defined aliases or add custom ones ourselves. We would still need to initially set them up properly, but once they were done we could give a player whatever permissions we want with one copy command.

    Overall I like having all the flags, but there are times when they seem to get in the way of what I want to do.
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  18. Good points! It would also be great if we could get a flag for our alts... a flag that allows our alts to change/edit flags, set the tp point etc etc. Perhaps this could be called the admin flag and the idea I suggested prior be called something else, maybe "all".

    Also, pro tip: Did you know that you do not need to be on your res to change a flag? Simply type /res pset [your res number here] [player] (flag) {t, r, or f}

    For example, I wish to give joeblogs move on my res 5127, however I am in the wild. I would type:

    /res pset 5127 joeblogs move t

    I hope that will help a lot of you :D
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