Do you realy need all these flags

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Do you think there are to many flags and they should be reduced?

Yes 13 vote(s) 29.5%
No 28 vote(s) 63.6%
Undecided 3 vote(s) 6.8%
  1. Hello EMC

    I have a point that both me and probably a lot of others think ... Why so many flags.

    I was making a sorting contraption earlier on today and I stumbled into a problem. My brother offered to help only to find that he needed a minecraft flag.

    Fair enough but then he need others as well i.e. storage, hopper etc.

    Is there realty much need for all of these flags? Yes ok I understand that I can be needed in some circumstance but really is there much need for 7 different flags for a minecart or multiple flags for other things it is darn right ridiculous.

    What ever happened to the 4 flags that you need when EMC was still recently new (build, use, container and move).

    I have 2 suggestions to counteract this
    1. Make another flag (I know this could be contradicting myself but hey it might need to be done) which gives someone rights to everything for example /res pset tomj2525 all t or something to the effect of that

    2. Simplify things take them back to the way it was or at least reduce the amount for one thing (like I said 7 flags for minecraft ...)

    I would greatly appreciate if everyone could post this on to everyone else on in the empire to spread the word and also to see what your views are on it

    Many thanks tomj2525.
  2. Yes, all of them serve a purpose in some way or another, Minecart flag allows you to set up public rollercoasters without having everyone steal them, allowing for the finest of controls in whatever you wish to do, plus it allows our resident Aikar to get frustrated at making sure all the flags work each update :)

    I do agree a give all flag would be an extremely useful suggestion however so for that I support. (It would need to have warnings that this will allow people access to your chests etc however..)
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  3. Going to preface this - this is my opinion strictly from a player perspective (considered posting on my alt, but as they say "Ain't nobody got time fo that"

    I'd rather have too many flags than too few at the granular level. I agree that an all or grouped flags (more flags) could be valuable since there's many singular items, but I wouldn't want to give up the option for deep down control.
  4. I do see the point of all the flags but lets say you have some you really trust i.e. an alt account or a friend or member of your family that you will trust with any thin

    do you really what to type for example
    / res pset chris_jackson minecraft t
    /res ppset chris_jackson hopperminecart t

    for all of the flags it can get quite tedious and quite frankly annoying

    if they could just make something so you could grand access to everything (with a warning as suggested earlier) then that woudl be grate and woudl save so much time and hassle

    (btw chris_jackson is my bro i was using him as an example)
  5. In addition to what moose said, "too many" flags acts as a failsafe. For us, and for you. A separate build and container perm, for example, keeps your valuables safe.
  6. There is a lot of Flags and it can get annoying. If we could make group flags for people that would help a lot!
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  7. yes i understand that. but when i started there was 4 flags build, container, move and use. this was ok for me and if you only wanted certain people to gain access when the access sign update came along grate it was there but over the past few months there seams to have been reams and reams of new commands cumming out and there must me some point at which Justin ICC and co must think of how much time it would take to type all of thoughts commands out.

    it took me a while to find the right commands just to let someone help with a sorting systesm with minecrarts it turned out i need to give him 7 different pers for one thing if there was somethin were i coudl give htme everythin grate no fus there a whole 30 seconds to type to command and if i whanted to remoce person i coudl do do simples.
  8. The ones I use almost 100% of the time are the big three: Build, Use, and Container. What I'd like to see is for the "master" flags, Build, Use, Container, to over-ride the newer, more granular ones where it is appropriate.

    If I have someone I want to trust with global Build perms, I give them Build true. If I only want them to be able to shear sheep, I would leave Build False, but set Shear True. The same would go for Boats, Minecarts, etc.

    If there's not a Hopper flag, there should be one, since I should be able to allow someone to work with Hoppers without complete Container permission. I ran into this problem this last weekend while working on someone's Water-harvest Wheat farm. I couldn't find information on it in the Wiki and didn't want to ask for Container so I left the Hoppers to the residence owner to work on.

    Whether a flag like Boatplace should fall under Build or Use might be confusing at first but that is what the Wiki is for and I at least would get used to it. We might even have to have other master flag names in order to logically cover them all. I think it would be more intuitive while giving people the opportunity to set permission details according to their desired level of detail.

    I keep hinting around that we need an "EMC mod" with an interface to manage Residence permissions, but no one has taken the bait. Yet...
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  9. I like the amount of flags now, however an "all" flag would be nice...
    Becomes a hassle when your on your alt trying to build/do something then you get the flag error...
  10. People wanted more flags, so Aikar gave us more flags. There is no problem with the amount of flags we have. The few seconds you save typing in the command would just result in more frustration for the majority of players who wanted the new flags.
  11. Funny, people are usually asking for more flags, not less.

    And yes, there is a point in all of those flags. They stop people from stealing from your contraptions like rollercoasters, so you don't have to chase down players, notify staff and then don't get anything back in return.
  12. I actually agree with this to a point. While having lots of flags is great and allows for ultimate customizability, I do think that there should be a way to make it simpler without removing flag options. Doing what Pab suggested, by having the big 3 flags contain the lesser ones is what first comes to mind for me. I also definitely support and "all" flag and seeing how many times this has been asked for I'm not sure why we don't already have it.
  13. You can actually press "t" and press the up arrow, then just change the flag. It's really not that big of a deal but I agree with the "all" flag.
  14. yes but then you have to change it and find the right corresponding flags and the more there is the harder it is to find what you are looking for.

    with me been in the emc for nearly 2 years (or more not to sure no online atm) i have liked the way it has all been set up but there needs to be some overriding flags (that has been suggested before) or and al l flag (same again). it woudl just make life so much easier for everyone to and make building with others easier
  15. The admin flag, the one you want, has been suggested before. It has been denied though, the staff determined that it would cause more trouble than good.
  16. I think it's great how it is. It can prevent some griefing/scamming by letting your (not real life) friend help you with something or even a total stranger, you can give them access to some things but not private things. For example minecart flag for riding but not storageminecart so they can't look in your chest minecarts. Just an "all" flag is good enough :p
  17. Hey pab having an interface or someylthing to allow us to better manage reses or a general command to accept a nukber of flags
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  18. I will say now that there were never 4 flags. There were 4 publicised flags.

    The control has always been there to an extent, just now it's being promoted, and all the flags have been made public. Sure, some things need different flags now, but that is due to updates. For example, we wouldn't need minecart related flags if the minecart updates were released.

    If I recall correctly, there were never under 12 flags.

    Not saying an all flag wouldn't be nice, but it's on Track already as a "check security risk them add if still wanted".
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  19. Having an actually interface as in what you get when opening a menu isn't possible. I won't go into much detail but it has a lot to do with how the game runs and what code actually executes on the server. A macro mod would give you a kind of interface once you set it up.

    Personally, I think that having a lot of lags is great and removing them is a terrible idea. It may not seem useful immediately but when you actually need it, it is great. Think of it as a way of catering to the few in a way that doesn't upset the many. Setting flags isn't that hard. The big ones you have mentioned still work. If you are frequently typing in flag command then set up a macro to do it for you. If you have never really seen the problem before and don't give out flags much then don't worry about it. Taking a few extra minutes may seem like a lot but since you rarely do it, it isn't that bad.