Do you have a Bestfriend

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  1. So everyone
    The question is, do you have a EMC bestfriend
    one who you do everything with.
    what have you built with him/her
    Who is your EMC Bestfriend, Mine is Faithcaster, ive done everything with this guy, hes helped me through My EMC times and we have worked together in businesses, building, grinding, and just having fun.

    ~ RoBoT
  2. EMC best friend? Probably zbalda97, even though he's not as active as before. When he's online my brother, zbalda and me usually go troll each other. (afked in my res one time, came back to see a tree had grown on me... Thanks bro!)
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  3. I don't really have one but if I had to say someone I would say Mrlegitislegit I run 3 wild camps with him.
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  4. There are a few people, probably penfoldex, jimbonothing64 and (he probably won't agree with this in any way, shape or form) Jakres.
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  5. 3 former, and 2-3 current.
    The former were Thierry200, Warlockgnu12 and Champ7102. The first 2 were IRL friends and both left the server, and Champ got banned for X-ray usage.

    My currents are WeirdManaico, NUBlackshirs27 and Awsomeantz1. I've gone on adventures with them all. The latter of whom I've known the longest, but has been on and off of EMC for IRL reasons.
  6. Joshposh70.

    We met over teamspeak, and have tried to go mining multiple times (that sounded really lame).

    Also, the_orange132 is my irl best friend who's helping me build my res.
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  8. Most all of my pre-staff friends quit months ago.
    Now I just hang out with the staff, when I can. Probably not as much as I should.
  9. Pab10s I have to say.
    Oh boy, I was a mess before he brought me out to a little wild camp of his.
    I didn't know how to build a wheat farm for goodness sakes! I was one of those who played peaceful single player, and if I didn't find animals for food, I just accepted that I'd starve to death a lot on that map.
    But he's taught me well and I'm extremely thankful for all the help he's given me. All my "Hey I died can you get my stuff." or "Hey how does this work?" or "Can you help me with this?" are answered, I'm still learning, but I don't die every 10 minutes now.
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  10. Well... Nobody really knows who I am or what I do... So I don't have an EMC best friend.
  11. *Tear runs down face*
    I'll be your friend :D
    What server do you have your res/What server are you most on?
  12. Prolly krysyyjane9191, I've had a lot of friends throughout my 7 ish months but as of 7 days after I started, we've been friends. I just do all kinds of silly odd jobs for her, so I'm not sure if there's anything I can say we 'built' together. I probably build 25% of the Tardis though, 3.14159% of the Blue Ribbon Hotels too.
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  13. SMP2, I have my res there and I am on it most of the time. I am hardly on other servers, so I am like a turtle that never leaves it's SMP2 shell.
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  14. Lolz. Pm me maybe I can come to your res :p I have nothing on Smp 2 atm. Lucky you. Or you could come to Smp7, where I usually am.
  15. Tinkerbell28, Ob1bob69, VITIRI, and of course Yoyomanthaboss. I met the first 3 when i became a supporter and we have been best friends since. And Yoyo I have known since 2nd grade.
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  16. I'm at Last Light Outpost on SMP7... dont really feel like coming back sorry :eek:
  17. All of SMP2 :3
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  18. Great! I now have a friend, AlexChance... To bad he doesn't know anything about me... D:
  19. And me.
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