Do you ever get bored on EMC and just want a retreat?

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  1. If the title applies to you or you just want to do something come out and have some fun building or mining randomly out in the frontier at my oh so very special place then continue reading :).
    Above is the location on the map and below are the main areas so far(note this is not gonna be an outpost, just a place for random people to fool around, just remember no griefing anything. You can mine the stone and dirt around but of course you should be able to tell what is built and what is fake.)

    Well if you come out bring some supplies and maybe build something for everyone to enjoy. Follow emc rules and have fun out in the wild. Just remember if you want to grief, don't as you know what happens. Forgot to mention server is SMP5 and /frontier n is the closest outpost.
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  2. I would love to come, Just not today my headache is growing talking Pain Killers now :(
  3. You can come anytime :) This place is forever open to everyone.
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  4. I just have to point this out: The question you're asking is "Do you ever get bored on EMC and just want a retreat" and the answer is to do something on EMC. :p
  5. Bumperoo
  6. U dont tell people this is on 6
  7. Huh?
  8. posted from my phone, is this on smp6? if so you didn't say that in the op i don't think unless i missed it
  9. I did its at the way bottom in red :) Smp5.
  10. Ok, sounds cool.