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  1. The login is down again. So if u value ur minecraft for the night dont log out.
  2. No, log out and play other games for awhile.
  3. Lawl
  4. why would u say that
  5. Because I can, and its free.
  6. ._. Ive already logged out and had this problem, so now im expecting to see others experience the problems.
  7. SWM what free games would you suggest for a player currently?
  8. My game froze up. So I exited out. The one time my game freezes... This happens.
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  9. hows that no worries thing working out for u
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  10. I suggest making mob torture machines offline :)
  11. i suggest a psychiatrist..........
  12. It means I'm going to play CS: GO Beta ^_^
    I'm not stressin' it'll be up eventually.
  13. I find it funny every time the game goes down you post a thread freaking out like it's the end of the world and yet I rarely see you on the Empire at all.
  14. nah, the mobs are problems
  15. The update is happening now then....
  16. proabably not