Cant Connect to Minecraft?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by joe_head_shot, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Is anyone else getting the "Can't connect to" when they try to log in?
  2. Yes. Seems to be down.
  3. With the amount of threads that happen due to this. It makes me wonder how new some people are to minecraft.
  4. Yep. Since approx 02:00 UTC. And I've been asking on the IRC channel. No news yet - just that, for some reason, we can't log in through minecraft - "Can't connect to".

    It's not just us. And it's not a DNS issue. The website of seems to work fine, I can log in there.

    It looks like the authentication system is down. There's reports coming in right now, from lots of people.

    I'll post here if I get any more info.
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    i thought it was my internet.

    i was at my friends spawner trap. and SOMETHING went wrong. i lost a fortune 3, eff 3, and i thought it was my fault. after a heck of a time, and ICC's help, it was mostly resolved BUT i could not get back on Utopia for more than 10 seconds without error messages. even my friend who lives across the country tried to get on, and see what happened to the spawner, and he kept getting kicked off.

    im really upset about my pickaxe. i dont care about the diamonds i lost, but the pickaxe is gone :(
  7. Meanwhile...
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  8. Tera?
  9. Is it just me are the servers down like 25% of the time now?
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  10. I am having alot of problems with emc recently, thought it was just me.
  11. I'm going to bed now. If the login servers aren't up tomorrow, I'm going to go out and punch a tree in rage. IRL. :mad:
  12. Ok guys, so here is what i did :)

    I am now on the server, though it is very lonely :(
    Here are the steps:
    1. delete all your mods, if you have any (preferably delete your bin folder)
    2. open up
    3. select play in-browser (should start up and say "downloading packages"
    4. Enjoy :D

    Tell me if it worked :D
  13. B-but... but... I worked so hard to get these darn mods to install! D:
    The long nights of drinking numerious amounts of coffee to keep me awake, the head and keyboard bashing, the loud curses that one would only hear from a sailor ALL WASTED!
    Nah just kidding, but seriously though - worked preety darn hard to get these mods in. xD
    I'll just wait until MC starts working again. :D
  14. Ok :D You can always check on :D They Install mods for you :)