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  1. I'll be posting up some links to free games.
    Note: I will not be posting flash games,mods, or mmos at this point. I might do a mod and mmo posts later.

    Disclaimer: I don't claim that any of these game are amazing or worth your gaming time.

    Visual Novels:
    Digital: A Love Story. It is a visual novel that takes place 5 minutes in the future from 1988. It is a mystery/ love story about the supposed murder of some a.i.s. Also you should try Don't Take it Personally, Babe, Its Just Ain't Your Story if you enjoyed Digital.

    Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel that takes place at a school for people with disabilities( i'm not making this up.) It is a great one if your into visual novels.

    I'd also like to mention Re:Alistair++ a visual novel I'm currently playing. This one unlike the others I listed has you in the role of the female( well Digital is ambiguous, but never mind.) The plot has to do with someone kill stealing you in a mmo and you wanting revenge. I personally find it amusing.

    Ristorante Amore. I've heard good things about this visual novel but still haven't gotten around to playing it.

    Dead Meets Lead. This game is alright and I don't have much to say about it, but it is freeware now.

    Alien Swarm. Rather well know due to being backed by Valve, but still worth a try with friends if you haven't. Requires Steam.

    Zombie Grinder. For the people who know Zombies Ate My Neighbors was an amazing game.

    Noxious : Indie meets dead space sorta.

    Renegade X : A indie game meant to show love to the old C&C Renegade.

    Team Fortress 2 : I really couldn't have a free games list without mentioning a game that has soaked up so many hours of my life even before it went f2p. Requires Steam.

    RPG/Rougelikes/Dungeon Crawlers:

    NetHack: This game doesn't even need a description. Also for people who prefer actual graphics on their games.

    Dwarf Fortress: This game doesn't need one either.

    Sandbox/ Game Creators:

    King Arthur's Gold. A fun little side-scrolling combat/building game. It has a free version and a full version with more content. It is in alpha now and is only $10 compared to the $25 the full version will cost. Says it works on pc,mac, and linux.

    This links to a page with misc downloads for RPG maker stuff.

    Puzzle games:
    Bounce! Is a first-person puzzle platformer. Not as fun as some person games of the same genre, but hey its free.

    First update down, still more coming.
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  2. Anyone looking for a great free fps for Mac I would recommend aussaltcube I have it on my iMac and MacBook pro, their are a lot of servers and a lot of online activity recommend it 5 stars.
  3. I'd only recommend assault cube if I had no other fps to play.
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  4. Well I like it because I don't have an Xbox or PS3 and this is the nearest free game on Mac I can get to cod.
  5. Team Fortress 2 is a great FPS for Mac. You can get it free on Steam. :)
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  6. Happy Wheels, my best free game ever!
  7. You can find some interesting indie games at the Humble Bundle! Just make a small donation and you can get access to some games that are featured. If you have a Steam account then you can get a unique url from the Humble Bundle; then download and play the games through Steam!

  8. How Bout Minecraft?
  9. Not free.
  10. There's a game called Mari0 with a zero and is Mario with a portal gun it's awesome
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  11. the free version ;)
  12. That's not free. But I guess if you're posting on here, you're probably already playing it.
  13. I could make an EMC minecraft game where you would have to jump from platform to platform and it would be 2d like minecraft
  14. i know how to make the first 3 levels of mario i dont know which 1 easly
  15. Katawa shoujo is a great visual novel. I'll give link if you want to add it.
  16. Coma is a very good game.
  17. FPS pros, try Combat Arms. Its by the same people that made: MapleStory!
  18. You know that minecraft isn't 2D right?
  19. What about octodad best free game EVER. ITS SO SO FUN :D
  20. Well I mean 2d like all of the pixels