Do It Yourself Road Edit

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Erektus, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. All you need is a little lag and an Efficiency 5 pick and you too can edit your own roads! No longer shall Senior Staff members fret over the stressful road edits for such low pay!

    RIP Road
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  2. I've had 997,880,330ms ping before on EMC
  3. You could have gotten so many road edits done!
  4. I would not recommend doing this, as I believe it would be considered an "exploit". It seems like a bug that should be reported, not used for personal benefit.
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  5. It's just lag :p it return to normal in a few seconds depending on the lag :)

  6. You can even write messages on your roads!
  7. Or at least I hope... :confused:
  8. Kind of a glitch, not really lag. It does go back though :p
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  9. I wasn't for sure if the picture was even real or not, but I just wanted to warn him before staff cracked down on him xD.
  10. The "Hi" pic has my res message in it :p
  11. Shame i dont lag this bad :)
    EDIT: Post #56h38 on my profile to win 20k ;)
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