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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft.

    Today marks the beginning of the year 2015. This is a time being putting your resolutions into effect. Some of those resolutions will be simpler and others more complicated, but in the end it's a matter of achieving and maintaining them. I myself have made unusual, but understandable resolutions during 2014, in my opinion, from the improvements I have made despite my major problems.

    The first half of 2014 was a big step for me on Empire Minecraft. I first released a thread on the EMC forums in January about Forever Company, an organization I founded. I also had relocated my residence on EMC to be closer to the SMP5 spawn. At the new location, I built the Forever Co. Headquarters which was the first build I planned out using floor plans; I was drawing over-head views for each floor. My residence with Forever HQ is located at 10087 and is open for any visitors.

    But with 2014 year, I was just getting started! During the spring time, I released two notable projects for public use, my slime farm and two skeleton farms.
    The slime farm, properly known as Frozen Slime Farm, was opened for public use in April. It is a massive place with walkways, utility rooms and storage rooms. It was also the first build where I made a private storage room, a place where players can lock chests in, after the mess at my enderman farm became unstoppable from locked chests. The slime farm became a great success in all aspects and is my most viewed thread to this day with over 1,500 views.
    Then in May, I got to work on two skeleton farms and made them public. They're known as the Revived Skeleton Farms from their ancient nature theme, with one in a desert and the other in plains. These two builds are connected through an underground minecart tunnel. People have asked about the effectiveness of each of these farms, and I say go to the farm with the least occupation.

    In June, E3 2014 happened. I watched it live from Nintendo and was pleased with what I saw. The first day was a back-to-back play-through of game trailers, including many never seen before. One of those was Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Although little information was given, the fact these are remakes to the original Pokemon Sapphire I played over 10 years ago ensured that I would buy one of these new games. But then later in June, I was beginning to go through an unfortunate summer.

    When I began to lose interest in video games and felt like I was constantly failing, I was sure that depression had begun. I was often upset, either crying from time to time or getting frustrated. Eventually, I began to have serious thoughts of leaving the world, believing I should be gone from existence. My mother and another helpful woman I talk with had several thoughts for what I was going through. For example: was the depression caused by mood swings like it is for most teenagers? The answer to that is actually no. Our most common believe was that something that happens causes these negative and pessimistic times for me, like failing to achieve something. I even discussed here under the EMC forums about my problems, and to help people understand why I was feeling the way I was. This depressing period had gone through the rest of 2014 and could still hit me today.

    Overall, 2014 was mentally my most difficult year yet, but I learned a lot from it. My self-control has improved significantly and I've expanded my interests to go further beyond just video games. Mathematics was my secondary interest and I do well at it, but to this day, I'm now interested in sciences, psychology, art, and writing and other ways of presenting. By applying my new year resolutions of being even more calm and becoming more social starting with this the new year of 2015, I can expect more great times and less sad times for me and you all as the best Minecraft community I've ever been apart of!

    Thank you to you Empire Minecraft, and the people around me, for helping me live past 2014!

    *All information about Forever Company and our products can be found under either Byeforever's signature or from the following links below.

    About Forever Company: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/forever-co-byeforevers-in-game-company.35586/

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    Revived Skeleton Farms: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/revived-skeleton-farm-s.39111/
  2. I have to agree that 2014 was a difficult year; I had my final exams and a few unfortunate events happen throughout the year, making it unbearable (heh, that pun) at some parts. EMC has been a great place for me to relax and take my mind of stress and I owe the community a great deal. I just have something to say about your phrase: 'I'm not an ordinary teen', what makes an ordinary teen? I myself do not 'follow the crowd' of my peers and have always gone my own way and done what I like doing, whether this is weird or not, I do not know, but to judge people on what they enjoy doing is strange to me. Everybody should embrace what they enjoy and if someone hates on someone else for that, they are jerks. Everybody is different in their own ways and that's what makes you special, this is why I love the community that is the empire. Everybody here shares at least 1 interest (minecraft) and so it is a great way of meeting potential friends.

    I think it's great what you have done for the community and I hope you have a great 2015! :)
  3. Sorry for confusing you. I can understand that 'ordinary teenager' means different depending on the person. What I think of as a typical or ordinary teenager is someone who's highly social, lacks self-control, moody, etc. The characteristics I mentioned are three things I don't have or it's not as extreme.

    But I still should not have said I'm not an ordinary teenager (the unnecessary phrase has been removed) in comparison to the worldwide population. I believe how we define a standard level is often based on a particular field. If I was comparing myself to peers in school, then saying I'm not an ordinary teenager might be more understandable. But, there's also further breakdowns that are possible. From my experiences with other students in high school, the lower level classes have several troublemakers while any higher levels are well-mature.

    There are believes of some people are naturally better at something than others, like with maturity. For example: me and Ark Warrior believe are levels of maturity are above average for our ages. But in the end, I think the troublemakers appear from either A: not listening, B: not taking action or C: impairment from disorder(s), such as uncontrollable obsessions from OCD.
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