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  1. EmpireMineCraft is the best server that I've seen so far (doubt that I'll ever find any better one.) but I think that it lacks one thing; PvP.
    When I say "PvP" alot of members will probably start spamming about Griefing etc, but PvP doesn't mean Grief.
    PvP Fights can also be just friendly fights between friends, who just wants a laugh.
    I know that it has been discussed (alot) before, and when I asked the Staff they said it's probably going to get added in the future, but I think that we haven't discussed all of it.
    There are both Pros and Cons with different kinds of PvP, but I'll try my best to find the most suitable type for EMC.

    Feel free to discuss anything PvP-on-EMC related in here, that's part of what this thread is for.
    If you have any more PvP types that you think EMC should have, feel free to post that also!

    Well, just saying this first.
    • No Vault.
    • No Rupees. (Unfair Advantage)
    • If Survival PvP, some kind of only-that-server economy.
    So, these are the types that we could possible have.
    Survival Games (Always first, duh. :p)
    • It's really fun.
    • Hunger Games fans will like it.
    • The Community can post their own Arenas, wich can possible get added.
    • If not, a chance for a "Arena Designer" rank wich means you're one of the people who builds the arenas.
    • There are barely any good SG servers out there, EMC could really get more people.
    • Chests/Items sometimes get lagged out.
    • Ragers, but this is for all PvP Types.
    • Fun!
    • People can pick their own teams.
    • Really gives the chance for a Friends' Match.
    • Can get really buggy.
    • Ragers.
    Survival PvP Server (Dystopia?)
    • Friends can play together and fight off griefers.
    • A lot of people love this, will really get more members!
    • Extra custom plugins to spice it up a bit?
    • People may rage when they die.
    • Hackers.
    Hardcore Survival PvP Server
    Info: You get banned when you die, but everyone gets unbanned from the server at the end of each month.
    Also, the Top Killer (most kills, leaderboards too?) each month could get a Rupee Reward and a brand new Forum Trophy!
    • People will go try hard-mode and really try their best to win!
    • Is really fun if you're good! :D
    • People might talk about it alot on the forums.
    • Good members will just laugh if they die.
    • Rage. LOTS and LOTS of rage.
    • More rage.
    Personally, I think that all of these but Paintball should be really good on here.
    Survival PvP is really underrated, and Survival Games doesn't really have any good servers.

    Also, Town Arenas.
    There could be 1-3 arenas for each server, and it'd basically be like the MobArena plugin but PvP instead of PvE.
    There could be some special kind of economy system wich you gain money in by winning matches and killing, and you could buy Rewards or unlock more Classes etc with it.
    I don't really see any downsides at all with it, and expect for the Coding/Plugin it shouldn't be too hard to implement.

    Another small discussion: PvP Flag enabling/disabling.
    I think that a person could send a high amount of rupees and then get access to a command like "/res set pvp true".
    It would send a message whenever someone enters the residence, and they could choose wether to enable pvp for them on that residence or not.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this! :)
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  3. You know, there used to be a pvp arena on smp1, in the nether.
    If you lost, you died. (note. it was netherspleef)
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  4. I've been playing this Call of Duty Server for a while and It's super awesome... There's various maps and weapons depending your levels and XP. You get them by killing other players in games.. :D

    For this PvP server that's coming up with the new Economic destruction update by aikar I'm hoping it's a survival PvP. Like EVERYTHING is allowed except mods/textures that cheat ofc. With their clans and bases..Raiding.. Some sort of economy that move things.
  5. Hello :) And PvP has been suggested before, and it is a MIGHT
  6. It's actually a WILL happen.
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  7. Has it been added to Aikar's very long list of todo's? No (Well not that im sure of) because it might be added if people are sure enough they want it and if EMC can do what's needed for a PvP Server. PvP servers are hard to make/keep working with some reaching 1k+ of people at once.
  8. I was in a small 4-man PvP clan on another server during my break from EMC, it was a lot of fun. I support the creation of an EMC twist to PvP, in the same way ICC and Justin put an interesting twist on vanilla non-PVP SMP with automatic residence systems and crossserver rupee/vault integration, among other things.
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  9. We've already stated that we will at some point be bringing on PVP in some sort of fashion down the line. We want to wait until we get our core survival server stuff solid first...we have a lot of good things coming to this that will keep you entertained for a long time to come and don't want to stop that path.

    When we do decide on PVP, we don't want to just plop down an already made plugin and say have at it. We want to, as 72volt said, put a fun Empire Twist on it somehow so people KNOW they're on an EMPIRE server. ;)

    Most people tell us they can tell a HUGE difference already with EMC servers and any other server out there, so we plan to keep up with how we do things. :)
  10. How to make this into an Aikar is ruining the economy joke.....

    Aikar is planning on adding PvP and having people play in hardcore and get perma banned from EMC if you die! :eek:
  11. I will also state, we WON'T add PVP to our current servers. Any PVP project we do will be it's own "thing".
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  12. Did you like my Aikar joke? :3 I think its a good one. And adding PvP to SMP would be the worst idea since 72Volt and lava walls
  13. Great, forgot to add a Poll...
    Well, time for a

    Not Huge Wall of Text!
    Are you talking about the Spleef Arena?
    Except for arenas.empireminecraft.com I had no idea they ever existed.
    1. That Call of Duty server is awesome, I play on there. :D
    2. I support this post.
    At a Mob Arena Event I asked the staff, and one of them (Aikar I believe.) said they ARE adding it in the future.
    Crazy also said the same thing at the EMCCon.
    Aikar or Justin should really customize a few things on it, just like the french vanilla SMP's we want it to be an EMC-Only experience.
    I do agree too that it should be *Survival PvP.
    *"French" style, of course.

    I'm glad that more people responded so quickly saying they want this, and yes, this is the only thing that EMC lacks.

    Edit: I posted this before I saw The Cow's post, so I'm sorry I said things that he already said. :p
  14. And people come and talk as i this is someone requesting PvP. This is a discussion thread and I think what AlexHallon talked about was good.
  15. I played on a Pvp server once, I went running with my tail between my legs >.< Those people were good at it. I'm to nice for Pvp :oops:
  16. My vote is still for a prison style emc pvp. We can send all our baddies there and make them fight their ways back out. =p
  17. More entertainment for me! I hope they add perks for supporting like free classes for class based games.
    I hope most of these are team based. I can't stand working alone in PvP sometimes.
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  18. Except for the send them to jail part, it's a a good idea. I used to play on a lot of prison servers, still do, and I fought my way to the top. Although, when you died, you had to start over, but we don't have to do that.
  19. Yes it is! Ammo is snowballs and seeds
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  20. Sorry for the bump, but I had some ideas on PvP, and I guessed it would be more adequate if I shared them in this thread instead of creating a new one.

    So, here it goes (put it inside spoiler to avoid a long post):

    Ideas for a Survival PvP server:

    To refresh competition, there would be a monthly map reset:

    • Inventories and XP values would be reset as well.

    Players would get into the game as members of teams;

    • The members of said team spawn together in a random place within a certain limited area;
    • The members of a team cannot attack each other (obviously :D).
    • Players cannot change teams until the end of the month (more obviousness!).

    To avoid pursuit of vengeance at Town servers, Players would have their names hidden from each other;
    • Instead of the name, enemy players would just see your clan tag;
    • Only team members would be able to see each others' names (obvious again! :p).
    A bunch of tweaks to make PvP different and more rewarding, such as:
    • XP drops from mobs could be limited. After a certain level, only killing other players would give you XP;
    • Chat messages could also become limited. Only local chat allowed.
    • Killing a player would give more XP depending on his level and number of kills;
    • Upon death, a player would only drop his valuable items, such as anything made of diamond, enchanted items, rare mob drops, etc;
    • Things like locking chests, unlocking chests and whispering to other players could be purchased with XP levels.
    Number of kills, deaths and XP would contribute to a team score:
    • At the end of the month, this score could be used to buy exclusive rewards for use at the Town servers;
    • This could also be used for ranking, so the teams/players with the hightest scores will face each other in the next month.
    I guess that's it for now. Sorry if I write stuff in a weird way, english is not my native language :) .

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