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  1. Things I don't really like our of your thoughts:'
    1. Inventory,map and XP reset. I would rage quit and do horrible things.. if something like that happened to me.
    2. Random guy stuck in random team permanently(a month). Imo, It's be better if you could create such team with players you'd like in.
    3. Not able to see names.
    4. Using XP to PM. The Local chat would be for members and World chat for Supporters?

    That's it.

    (From what I've read)The server is already built but it's not like SMP PVP it's more like survival server with rounds and stuff like that.
  2. Our plans for the PVP server are already pretty much set, but not releasing full details yet since its so long before we will get to it, and MC and possibilities will hopefully be different by then.

    But the general idea is a match style, goal oriented team PVP that lasts 15 minutes to 3 hours max each match.
    Think like Hunger Games type servers but a unique EMC gamestyle.
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  3. Hahaha, I guess that doesn't seem as fair to everyone as it seems to me. :p
    Like I said before, Its about refreshing the competition. :)

    The teams wouldn't be necessarily random, but I guess an entire freaking month might be too much.

    Well, thats about keeping the PvP inside the PvP, I'd hate to see PvP conflicts taken to the Town servers and vice-versa. I thought of that because there are too much immature players/sore losers that take loss as an insult, and consequently, take extreme actions of revenge, like griefing.

    And of course, there's always people that are all like:
    "OMG ther goez that Gap542 guy!!1! once i lost an auction to him, imma gonna tagret him and hiss teem teh whoel game!!!1!11!"

    Nah, the local chat would be for everyone. I didnt think about supporter perks, but they should probably work differently in PvP.
    And I know that there's a risk of enemies reading your conversations, but that also part of the fun. ;)

    I dont know if anything I said is relevant after the style of PvP being defined already, but thanks for the feedback anyways. :)
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