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  1. Today, May 27th at 4:00 pm CT, Nebraska legislatures voted to override Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts' veto to a bill that would abolish the death penalty in the state of Nebraska. Nebraska is the first conservative state in 40 years to abolish the death penalty. Nebraska hasn't executed a prisoner in 1997 when the electric chair was used and has never executed a prisoner by lethal injection. This was a big move coming from a state that has a large Republican majority. The vote came after a month long battle between the Governor, law enforcement, murder victims families whose killers are on death row and Nebraska lawmakers. Many knew that the death penalty would be abolished whether the Governor would pass the bill or the legislature would override the veto. Nebraska's religious leaders have been rallying to abolish the death penalty for decades but to no avail until now. On May 26th Governor Ricketts vetoed the bill, but the veto was shutdown with a 30-19 vote to override it.

    My Opinion: I myself am a Republican, a Catholic and a supporter of Pro-Life, I believe humans have the right to live from conception until natural end, The Seamless Garment, humans should have the right to live and that only God can judge our actions in the end. One main reason I believe the death penalty should be repealed is that I see the death penalty as a way out of having to be in prison for life, I also don't see the death penalty as a deterrent to major crimes. When criminals commit crimes, they don't think of what will happen after they commit the action, if a criminal is going to kill people, he isn't thinking that he will be put to death as a result of it, he/she is only focused on the objective and not the repercussions of that action. I was very happy to see my home state of Nebraska make a shift to being Pro-Life and to recognize that even though this person committed a horrendous act, they are still a human being.

    Yes I know some of you have had relatives or friends that have been affected by a murder of some sort. We must find the strength to forgive those who have harmed you or affected you in some sort of way. I know this topic is very sensitive and can get very heated to certain people, so please do not target certain people and also be respectful of anyone who have lost loved ones to violence and be respectful to others view points.

    What is your opinion to the death penalty, should it stay or should it go, do you believe it deters crime, could we have a better solution to the death penalty or do you see the death penalty as the only was to go for certain criminals?

    Like I said earlier, please be respectful to others and their viewpoints, the thread was to get the opinion of EMC on this big move by my home state of Nebraska and was not made to target certain players who post on this. please keep this thread to a PG rating.

    You don't have to post if you don't want to.

    Also... GO BIG RED!!!!
  2. Following. I'll see where this thread goes and drop my two cents in later on. :)
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  3. I would recommend reading The Atlantic's recent article on Capital Punishment :)
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  4. I'm for whatever is cheaper for the taxpayers. As it stands now, most agree that the death penalty costs on average $1,000,000 more per offender than does seeking life imprisonment. If a way is fleshed out to reduce this cost, like hanging them and reusing the rope, then I'ld be for the death penalty.

    The communities dollars would be better spent towards crime prevention than crime punishment.
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  5. In other news: Nebraska gives horrible felons a home with three square meals a day and a soft bed! All at the expense of tax payers.
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  6. Although I agree with your last statement, I strongly disagree with the earlier statement about allowing the death penalty if it is cheaper.
    In my opinion the death penalty should be abolished all over the world. How can we call ourselves civilized if we allow our governments to kill people, even if those people are murderers? The government and the court can't expect people to obey rules they break themselves.
  7. There is a difference between murder and justice
  8. I disagree, again.
    Justice is not achieved by killing people, and there is no difference between justice by killing people and murder. The taking of another man's life with premeditation qualifies as murder, so why would that be any different for a government?
  9. Another US state has abolished the death penalty? YES!

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  10. Technically that's incorrect. The definition of murder is:

    "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another."

    Key word: unlawful.
  11. yes, that's true, but that's what I'm trying to say.
    I believe that every killing should be unlawful, even if the killing is ordered by the court.
    I also strongly believe that the right to live outweighs any other form of so called justice.
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  12. Even military killings?
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  13. [quote="marshmallow369, post: even military killings?[/quote]
    Same thing just done in other countries. US has the largest, most technologically advanced, most expensive military force in the world. It accounts for over half of the US budget and is more than all other countries in the world combined... so yeah, those too

    Fail quote: I'm on my phone

    Edit: also any murder carried out by the US INC court system is unlawful as it falls under commercial code and is "legal" murder not lawful murder. There is no such thing as lawful murder. Killing others is against the law period.
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  14. There is a difference. When you have to kill someone because they are actively threatening your life (in the case of military or wars) you should do what you can to stay alive. When you have a criminal detained and there is no way they are ever going to have the chance to harm anyone else then the situation changes. You are no longer killing in self-defence but in revenge and hatred. Anything done with those two motivations is a bad idea and is something we condemn terrorists for doing. Life in prison is much cheaper than the death penalty. I can give you some sources if you want or you can google that one for yourself. It also takes a long time for someone on Death row to be executed. Is many cases, over a decade. Back to opinions, I personally believe life in prison is far worse. For the rest of your life, you must wait it out in a prison with limited freedoms and low-quality living. You can watch the days that could have been filled with something drift away until you inevitably die in the cell you spent half your life. Sure, they are given a few qualities of life, but those pale in comparison to actual freedom. It must be incredibly depressing to know that there is nothing better waiting for you and that your life has been thrown away by your bad decisions.
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  15. Will be reading this thread as I do not follow politics EVER and think it is always interesting to read/watch a debate/discussion.
  16. Military killings are the worst kind of killings. Instead of 1 person killing another for something... whether it be because they don't like their skin color, religion, or want something they have... it's a whole country doing it to another country.

    Same principal as murder... just on a grander scale.
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  17. Seriously?!!! THIS is on a MC game Website Forum? Clearly there are other more appropriate arena's where a Topic such as this could be discussed. And yet ....the Forum Police haven't locked/closed or otherwise shut this thing down

    "Advertise" a competitive price, and include your Residence # and Server, on someone else's thread, and the Forum Police are banging down your door and lobbing canisters of Tear Gas and sending in the Dogs. But this, IMO is .... not only without Foundation in this Forum, but is in a realm that probably 80% of the viewers here could not possibly understand, let alone hold an educated position on.

    Two things that have NO place, but on site designed exactly for the Topic ..... Religion and Politics. Shut this down already !
  18. Just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn't mean we don't have the right to discuss it. :)
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