[DISCUSSION] Empire Mini-Updates

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Talking is fun, so here's an official place to talk about features/changed stuff in Mini-Updates. In case you're unsure, a Mini-Update is where existing content is tweaked, or small new features are added.

    You won't find anything huge in them, but there will always be cool little gems *cough* colored res messages *cough*. :)
  2. Epic! Another awesome update that I benefit 0 from
  3. This is awesome! Best mini update ever!
  4. Only took 2 3 5 reboots to get this to work! #Winzors
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  5. Weirdly, you say these mini updates are often too small to make their own thread about, when it seems that there was enough added today to make their own thread abut them lol
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  6. Those don't really affect me though, I don't typically do anything that I could benefit that from. The main thing I liked was #1.

    Anyways, back to sitting in the corner waiting for a non-supporter nice update :)
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  7. If this was only 6 days earlier when my alt was Diamond..... :p
  8. They're all going to share a thread. :p
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  9. So I noticed that the horse exploit was fixed, does that mean that we can sell "glitched" horses as collectibles?:) Also, what is the top max % speed?:)
  10. 200%
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  11. According to MC wiki, it's 14.2 blocks per second. Have no clue what that is in percentage though :p
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  12. What Movie is Aikar watching? ;)
  13. Assuming we're thinking of the same exploit, we were supposed to get rid of any glitched horses.
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  14. Horses with false stats will be fixed upon being mounted.
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  15. Yes, but at the time, I forgot I had some in another chest (found it post fix, as they went to 95% when mounted). Seeing as they serve no purpose other than for the lolz/collections, I saw nothing wrong with keeping those at that point. :p
  16. Your word choice made these insignificant things fun. All updates should be written like this.
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  17. Well, I guess it has to do with jack being a teen. I am a teen but I still manage to be an old fart. Youny people make boring this fun. EMC admins, we need more young mods on the emc. If you need one, remember I am always here ;).

    P.S. I am only an old fart during 8 AM to 4 PM