digging down in the middle of nowhere

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Which of these is the best enchantment for a wooden stick?

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  1. i cant stand people randomly digging down! i was just leaving into my hunting grounds when i fell into a fall that killed me and i lost my diamond leggings and now i have to wear my crappy iron leggings. please stop digging down like that. it is really anoying trying to get around your holes.

    ^my life story but in my hand is a diamond sword:(
    everyone join my petition about ending the digging down
    just reeply and give a like if you agree
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  2. Usually either lazy players who don't want to find a cave or cover up their hole they made to get to a certain level. Or possibly lazy players who wont cover up their hole when they are lost in a cave and dig up to get out. Or even possible someone with x-ray that was going down to find stuff. In either case its happened to a lot of players.

    When I first started playing my first day I found some slimes (back when they were still rare and expensive) and was running back to spawn to get back to town so I could sell them for quite a bit and get some rupees and fell down one of those holes all the way to bedrock losing everything and I was only a few hours/days on the server.
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  3. I don't think anyone would risk digging such a hole if they weren't using an x-ray hack of some description.
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  4. Nope.. iv seen people with x-ray that just dig straight down to get to ores like diamonds. Then they go sideways ect to the others.

    Oh re-read what you said. If I think I see what you mean. But yeah some players are lazy and want to get diamonds quick so they dig straight down.. which is stupid but they do it iv seen them do that to.
  5. Well I never make a 1 by 1 deathpit like that, but sometimes I have been concerned that my mining habits might appear as though I was using an x-ray hack of some kind. I've never x-rayed and I never will, but sometimes in the wasteland I just hack away in a random direction hoping to run into something good.
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  6. The mods usually can tell when someone is using x-ray. Because they sometimes go out and monitor them while they are mining. Iv watched and seen how x-ray users act. They dig straight down usually to where the diamond is then branch out going in 1 wide by 2 high holes going to diamond, gold, and sometimes a few of the other ores. And you can tell they aren't being random when they go out mining for 5-10 minutes and come back with dozens of ores. I believe a mod even posted a video showing them watching someone using x-ray.
  7. You cant really stop people, it would be to hard to track everyone, and see if they are digging down, but you can let the people know that we dont want it.
  8. There's nothing you can do. I hate it, I lag so much at spawn from water falling. Then I fall down. It's not a big deal, though, be sure to wear a trusty pair of feather falling boots!
  9. your right on that, we cant stop them unless the servers get a plugin that monitors and blocks certain mods like x-ray
  10. on my first day i walked out into the wild and lagged like crazy so i fell in a hole and died with everything i had
  11. already been mentioned before and mods shot it down cause of the fact it causes lag or something ect ect. Not gonna happen. They catch them every now and then.
  12. Xray mods are disabled on EMC. I don't advise you try it as it's still bannable... but they're blocked.
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  13. Problem is, it doesn't necessarily have to be a mod; it can also be a texture pack.
  14. Texture packs are blocked too. :)
  15. i have my own simple texture pack on emc and it works (not xray texture pack just to clear it up)
  16. Normal texture packs will work fine. Xray texture packs will not function.
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  17. That's off topic..
    Okay then :)
  18. thx for clearing that up
  19. Someone dug a hole straight down to lava, perhaps as a trap, and I lost a lot of good diamond level 30 gear etc :(.
  20. He meant X-ray texture packs :)