diamond armor + pick

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  1. If you died in the waste this should do it :

    Diamond armor : All pieces protection 4 - unbreaking 3 + feather falling 4 on boots.

    Diamond Pickaxe : Efficinecy 5 - Silk touch 1 - Unbreaking 3

    Starting bid 1r
    raise 1r
    Ending 36h
    pickup : /v 17040 f1

    Good luck !
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  2. oops. 1500r, and sorry for double post
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  3. .... LOL....
  4. Leading bid is SilverCrownn with 10k. Still cheap!
  5. bump eeveeluv52 is not leading with 12k!
  6. few hours before FWRonald wins with a bid of 16k
  7. Well I take it I won this auction. I payed the 16k and will wait till you let me know that a chest is set up. Thanks. ;)
  8. thx :) its /v 17040 f1, enjoy!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.