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  1. Introduction: I have been wanting to write in this forum column for a while now, but I have not had the courage to post a short story out of the fear of making a mockery out of myself. I can occasionally be bright and shine, but there are many moments where I make The Three Stooges hide their face within their hand, and ever so slightly nod their head side to side. I hope that you all like this story. I was reading the forums at 11:00 AM in the middle of the night, and I see a thread that caught my eye, which then inspired my first piece. I spent about two hours on this so I do not expect a literary masterpiece, but I hope you have fun reading it :).

    Based off:

    NOTE: Artistic License is used in the story. As time goes on and if any information is added to the thread which the story is based off, I plan to edit the story.

    It was just a normal day for Mr. Spartan at the enderman grinder. A sword in his hand, food in his inventory, and he put on his best pair of armor. Life was good. When settling in and getting ready to gain XP, Spartan noticed something. People die at an enderman grinder all the time; they drop like flies. He picked up the inventory hoping he could find something to identify the owner of the miscellaneous items. After scavenging the drops, he found something very peculiar. A head. Normally this is nothing special, but it was not the head of any ordinary man, it was the head of a legend. A man who hand built and forged EMC into the greatness it is today. He was a man who few have witnessed, but everyone knows. It was the head of JustinGuy. This became but a small step, in a long and perilous journey.

    Spartan soon decided to make a news paper article, in search to find the owner of the mysterious head. After the small hometown press got ahold of the story, the word took EMC by storm. Stories spread from paper to paper like wildfire. After questions being asked, and doubt slowly growing, a picture was posted. That was the last straw. After that picture was posted, a mystery began to develop.

    Spartan contacted sheriff ninjaboy, a new employee to the field, in hope that him and his task-force would be able to find whoever made this all happen. Ninjaboy was stumped. Evidence was scarce, pressure was high, and he had no idea where to start. He turned to commissioner Aikar, who then was forced with only one choice; “this has to be solved,” he remarked, “We have an impossible case and we need to know how this happened, or we may be in order for bigger problems in the future.” Ninjaboy reluctantly said, “there is only one person for this job. Krysyy Who.”

    Krysyy Who was recently appointed by commissioner Aikar and detective Maxarias to solve cases, and to bring justice to the ones who break the law. This could potentially be the biggest case yet for the new detective. She started off by interviewing Mr. Spartan and Sheriff Ninjaboy.

    Krysyy Who: Hello Mr. Spartan and Mr. Sheriff

    Spartan and Ninjaboy: Evening

    Krysyy Who: We both know why we were here is there. First off, please explain what happened detail by detail. Mr. Spartan.

    Spartan: I was heading to the ender grinder to get some XP for enchanting and whatnot. I come across to this pile of drops which must have fell off some guy. I search through it and find the head. That is all, really.

    Krysyy Who: I have two heads here. One is my head, and one is the head you found. Do either of you see anything peculiar?

    Ninjaboy: Your head is in italics, and the head of JustinGuy’s is not. That seems fishy
    Krysyy Who: Exactly. This head is a fake, but this is no ordinary fake. This probably means hacks, but I need to investigate more into the story. I think I know who, though.

    After searching and searching, the puzzle was slowly coming together. One last piece was put together. The result, horrifying. Detective Krysyy did not believe the public could not handle what happened. Along with the criminal, the answers to the case were locked away. The head was confiscated, and Mr. Spartan got the head of the detective in return. What happened to the criminal, how was this possible, the world may never know. It will only rest in the mind of one woman, Detective Krysyy Who.

    If this is a success, I plan to make more short stories based off real EMC events, of those not just staff. If you have an idea, post below or send me a PM!
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  3. I will make this a weekly thing, then. Just have to get the creative juices going.
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  6. I know it's old, but I just read it and liked it, could you write mor eplease?
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  9. I will write more on the condition that we all forget about this post :p.

    Right now I have writers block, so I am still deciding on a subject. If you have an idea, feel free to bring me one.
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  10. Halloween Edition stories coming out on hallow's eve!
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  12. What about the time where I ended up with a stack of shiny aikar PVP heads
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