Destiny on Xbox One

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Aikar, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. And if we can get a group with high enough light together (290+), maybe a raid or two? King's Fall in particular has weekly challenges running around that could be worth going after.

  2. I would, but I'm not a huge fan of Destiny personally. More of a Halo guy at heart :). Let me know if you ever get Halo 5 though...
  3. Got Halo 5, but I'm terrible at it.

    Then again, I said the same thing about the Crucible. Aikar said "don't care, we're going." Turned out I'm a lot better than I thought I was. We still laugh about it because I said I sucked right before the first match, but ended up crushing everyone and everything in that match.

    Personal conclusion: I should keep saying I suck at PvP - I play a lot better when I do. :p
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  5. I have it, but havent started it yet.

    I got the Halo Guardians Xbox
  6. darn....i got it but on PS4 lol
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  7. Dang, got Destiny a while back but had an issue with my hard drive so ended up returning it. The only games I play on xbox one are Black Ops 3 and Madden 16 :p
  8. I have it on PS3! I know I'll show myself out...
  9. yeah sucks cant play cross platform, but they said they did it for fairness, as on one console a player might be 2 pixels but on another 4 pixels, making that impact the competitive nature of PvP :/

    And would be too much work/confusing to make it only apply to PvP (ie: what if a PS and Xbox friends play together then go to pvp matchmaking?)
  10. Aikar... you just made my day...
  11. I'm pretty good other than swat and probably warzone...
  12. bump, cmon surely someone else has it :3
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  13. I have Destiny! My gamertag is Mannertink, just recently started playing it again but I have a silly amount of hours in the game. I'd be down for some Trials or a raid or two.
  14. added, don't forget to join the clan! :)
  15. yep just not on the xbox :D
  16. Added as well.
  17. I have it ps4 you filthy casuals.