Derelict plots what should be done with them?

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  1. Hi all
    This is just a post asking members what they feel should happen to derelict plots. I have posted a suggestion before which got good and bad responses, which was to do a storage wars type style way of getting rid of derelict plots. I have had plots wiped because of my own inactivity, which is all fair due to the rules stating that. But I feel now there are so many derelict plots.
    I have seen derelict plots where a player is offline for 100+ days.
    So for the members of EMC what do you think would be a solution for this? And do you think this is a problem??
    I will start with a solution which is maybe have a forum post where you could type plot number/member name, SMP number and how long it's been derelict for, to help staff to identify which plots are derelict.
    Thanks for reading.
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  2. I don't really see this as a problem
    Though they're derelict they're still owned by a player who can still use their property if they ever log on again
    EMC has a force claim feature for derelict properties where players can claim a derelict property if they want the location. Since EMC doesn't have a shortage of empty properties on any server and the player count isn't really increasing, I think this is the best solution and there's not really any reason to change the system we already have in place

    I'm very inactive these days and I know I run the risk of my property being force claimed at any moment, but I don't want my property to be announced publicly on the forums or anything for people to snipe/whatever because I still log on to EMC from time to time and have an abundance of stuff there
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  3. To my understanding when plots go derelict that just means they're in danger of being reset by the system. When the server needs space in town for new players, it chooses 16 derelict plots at random and resets them for new players. I do have hopes for when the new update comes out the player activity will pick back up again.
  4. Personally, I don't see it as a problem. If anything, it just shows that not many people play on EMC anymore. They've probably moved on with life and (maybe) Minecraft in general.

    To me, I think it's nice to see others grow up. :)
  5. I see the automated system for claiming plots from derelict players has some bugs. It is not completely based on who has been derelict the longest - and I think that it should be. New players who come on and leave will have their res taken after a 10 day derelict window. But when you see res that have been derelict for 600 days and they have still never been recycled - that's when I start to wonder when there will be a feature allowing you to 'suggest' a reset on a specific derelict neighbor. Yes, it could be forceclaimed by someone. But maybe I don't want to run around forceclaiming reses just to get them recycled -- that is not a solution. But staff have a lot of other things to do that is more important. Really old derelict res are a nuisance without a really good solution.

    Another, similar issue is the derelict reses that still have the +shop tag still on them. They have no rupees and/or the chests are all completely empty. And they have gone derelict forever ago.
    How do we report those and get those taken off??
  6. Yep the shops are one of the reasons I'm here because it's annoying like you say when a shop has no items etc.
    I know staff are busy which is why I started this post as a way to get ideas together to help. Also I'm aware of the amount of players, as the server is not as busy as it once was, so a rush to clear derelict plots is not a real need at the moment.
    Thank you for your comment.
  7. Yes I understand your point 100%, but for us players who still play (I've been playing EMC for 8 years nearly) it can be annoying doing /shop and the shop is empty.
  8. I see your point, but at the same time you understand the risk, so would it discourage you from playing if one day you log on and your plot has been forceclaimed/reset?
    I know your not too active as you have said.
    I have also mentioned in other replys I know the player count isn't there but empty shops can be time consuming for more active players.
  9. I also don't get why derelict residences would be a problem, as long as we aren't generating new residences but reusing the derelict ones whenever they are needed.
    With regards to inappropriate tags, on the wiki page it says the following:
    I guess it means using /report? That's not quite clear. In case the owner is derelict, the latter tip is unlikely to help (unless they've got e-mail notifications turned on for pm's, I suppose!).
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  10. I have read many threads from players who were indeed very discouraged after finding that their plot had been reset. Many mentioned that they looked around and they saw many derelict plots, so they didn't understand why theirs was reset. Resetting more will make such players see less derelict plots, of course, but they will be seeing lots of vacant plots instead, which makes the question of why their residence had to be reset also remain.
  11. Well I didn't know this, also some of the residences with /shop on them do have shops, and as you have said some derelict players have not been seen for months so trying to tell players isn't that easy.
    But the point is if for example I was looking around shops and see something and try to buy it but the shop is empty I then do /seen player name and they have not been seen for x amount of days so it then becomes a waste of time trying to visit player shops. Unless you know of player shops who are always stocked up which I do know a few, but I also like to try new shops for prices etc.
  12. Hm... then a possible solution for that might be to reset shop and mall tags for residences that have long been derelict. It seems unreasonable to reset the entire residence for that. However, I think that this is undesirable too: there might be a shop that has long gone derelict, but that is still in use, if its chests both sell and buy items. :)
  13. Yep I understand this I have had my plot reset several times Over the years due to inactivity but I get on with it and start again, a little discouraging yes.
    Also it's a bit like a double edged sword on what people would rather see I suppose, empty plots or derelict plots. Players are made aware of the 30 day derelict rule though so therefore should make sure their res does not go derelict, if there is a problem and people need more time for there res because of holiday, illness etc they can speak to staff to lengthen the time of their res.
  14. To have the tag removed, you can use /report or message senior staff at A moderator can also alert Senior Staff to remove the tag, but mods cannot remove it themselves. If it has been a really long time since the owner has been online and their shop is empty, that also seems like a reasonable point to remove the tag, but this would be decided by the minties. :)

    Personal, non-staff answer to the thread in general:

    When I am bored, I enjoy running around and using /v random to visit and explore different residences, regardless of if they are derelict or not. As long as there is not an inappropriate build on the residence, I think they are fine being left alone. The system will reclaim the residences when needed. I would much rather see old builds than just an empty res. Sometimes they can be pretty cool. :)
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  15. Yes I see the point as I said in a recent reply it is a double edged sword as to seeing lots of empty plots or lots of derelict plots,some with some good bu ilds on them, I suppose my point was more for the fact /shop when there is either no shop or the plot has been derelict for so long that the shops are empty which I feel could be more unfair for more active players as this wastes time, which I have wasted a lot of time looking for shops and this happening. I am glad there are lots of mixed reviews, and sometimes the more non active players seeming it's a little unfair, but those are the rules. I know staff are/can be to busy with other admin stuff which is why I was asking for suggestions.
    Thanks for the input.
  16. what im hearing here is mostly about tags, to me the best solution to this would be to have res tag's auto reset when a res turns to derelict status? this could be something to suggest to the devs after 1.15 is ready

    the storage wars idea is interesting, but there is no way that could work in this case, players returning to find their house still there but owned by another player? i see that going badly :rolleyes:
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  17. Well the storage wars would reset the plot after a time period i.e 12 hours then reset to an open plot but someone auction these plots and th e winner gets to loot all the goodies before it's reset. When I did suggest this some people hated the thought of someone else having there stuff and preferred it to be just reset which is a waste in my eyes.
  18. I understand. It's quite a shame, but the shop owners have either stopped playing EMC as well, or have very little to no reason to update their shops. Especially since the economy is almost non-existent?