[DENIED] Should staff make the world seed public

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Should staff make the world seed public

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Yes 4 vote(s) 21.1%
No 14 vote(s) 73.7%
Other put down below 1 vote(s) 5.3%
  1. Why don't the public of EMC get the seeds of the worlds what is the harm?

    I think it would make a lot easyer

    Should there be rules should there not be

    Should they release the seed or not
  2. Seed of what?
  3. -1 on this one.
    The seed of a minecraft world is what gives randomness to its generation and its possibilities. Making the seed public gives the ability to players predict with absolute accuracy everything that can spawn/generate on a world, from spawners, to ores, to slimechunks.

    It wouldn't make the gameplay easy. It would be basically creating a backdoor to any resource locations you want.

    So yeah... not a good choice to make public...
  4. Ok I get it, so in that case -1.
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  5. How do u find slime chunks any way because they only spawn low down In the world and u would have to have 1/3 of the world mined out to find one
  6. As I said the seed (the numbers) give the game its randomness. There are programs which know which numbers to use to replicate that randomness.

    To find slimechunks you can use this webtsite: http://chunkbase.com/apps/slime-finder

    There are also many other exploits that come by making the seed public, but I will not talk about those here.
  7. How do i find a slime chunk on emc since we don't have a seed
  8. -1 on making frontier seeds public, it would reveal too much information such as locations of all biomes, temples, etc.

    I would however like to know the wasteland seeds after they reset. I've found some interesting locations in the wastelands that I think would be fun to play offline.
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  9. Good suggestion I like it
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  10. A lot of people just find them by accident when they discover slimes down in the caves. They may also torch up some caves or self-dug pockets and hang around to see if slimes will spawn.
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  11. Alice thinks not, unless you want people to be able to find literally anything in the map?
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  12. Moved to The Suggestion Box as that's what this is.
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  13. Well it's also a discussion ish
  14. Yep but you had it in Public Member Events which it clearly is not. As suggestions can also be discussed and what you are talking about is a change to the way EMC operates it is best placed in The Suggestion Box.

    In addition, Esrik's idea of releasing the waste seeds after reset is definitely a suggestion and should be considered by the Admins. That wouldn't happen in Public Member Events.

    One point to note about it, the waste often resets when we update to the latest minecraft version. That would not be all that useful if there is a significant change to world generation such as 1.13 will have.

    As for releasing the other seeds, it would be like allowing x-ray. So no.
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  15. Opps sorry I ment it to go in discussion folder
  16. -1

    Definitely not a good idea. For one, people can easily find and raid generated structures, which makes it unfair to those who found it normally. Giving everyone the seed would discourage exploration. It would make Monument and Mansion maps useless. In terms of finding slime chunks, a lot of people dig out a wide area underground and split the chunks with walls.
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  17. Would be the beginning of the end. "Mass Hysteria" . . .

    . . . So that's a NO for me.
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