[denied] Reduce the non-vanilla repair costs on items.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShelLuser, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. Hi gang,

    Repairing items on the Empire adds an additional 5 XP costs on top of the vanilla costs, you can see the whole formula right here. One of the reasons for that, at least to my knowledge, is that gaining XP on the Empire is pretty easy.

    Although I somewhat agree (looking at 42 XP myself) there is also a problem: XP farms have been severely nerfed with the upgrade to 1.8. Endertopia? With all due respect but it is pretty much useless right now. Specifically in comparison to what it was before. And worse: the same applies to most of the player-build Endermen XP farms as well. There are some alternatives, obviously, but they don't match up to what you can gain from an Enderman farm.

    As such my suggestion: drop the additional 5XP repair costs and make repairing a true vanilla effort. Especially because the reason for it, the easily obtained XP levels, have been degraded when Endermen farms got nerfed.

    And on that subject: I think it would also prepare us for 1.9. Which pretty much radically changes the whole repair costs as well (so far I only read about it, I'm still testing this for myself). For what I know we no longer get increased repair costs. But... as mentioned: I haven't confirmed this myself yet.
  2. Yep pretty much. We pay more and get less ;-;
  3. Personally, I am against exp farms. I wish Endertopia didn't exist, but that's just my minority opinion.

    +1 to this.
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  4. I mean if they changed Endertopias Enderman farm to run off Endermites it would work better...
  5. Sorry not going to change. I would prefer it to cost even more.

    Vanilla is not balanced around long term aspects and economy as a server like this is...

    Therefore, Vanilla game balance is wrong for a server of our style.

    We're more likely to increase cost than decrease.

    Repairing a god item shouldn't take a mere 10-20 minutes...
  6. Yes it should.. You may as well make new armor then. Everyone was excited for the new repair system and the level formulas then were hit by a wall of disappointment when EMC had them nerfed. Vanilla has it better IMO.

    We already have to spend way longer to get XP because all the most efficient ways of getting it have been nerfed really badly on EMC and then we also have to pay more XP to do things.. it just doesn't make sense.
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  7. Point of curiosity: How long do you think it should take?

    "God"-items don't have the same legendary status in Minecraft that they would in an MMO. The idea of making them any kind of long-term goal is debatable at best. Considering the ease with which any non-soulbound item can be lost, as well as durability / wear & tear, I think seems pretty fair that such items can be replaced with a moderate investment of time & effort.

    Mind you I'm not arguing in favor of the OP, I'm fine with XP the way it is, but I certainly can't agree that XP costs should increase.
  8. I am currently making a suggestion, but I feel the need to reply to Aikar's statement.
    Why change a mechanic when you can bring back an existing mechanic? Allow exp to drop (at least 1/2 of the exp you have) upon death so we finally have a exp sink other than useful things.
  9. So this may just be my opinion, but what I consider god-like items on this server are completely unrepairable because a little thing called Final. This also make dying of these items that are dyeable impossible to allow customization (ie. voter's gear can only be that greyish-white color..) ..In my opinion, these truly op items that the staff can make, ones that bypass the enchantment limits, are the only things that can really be considered god-like.. And these are completely unrepairable, hence why many are used as dust magnets. Many "op" player made things are pale in comparison to the staffmade items. And on top of that, it takes a ton of resources and time to craft these items as it is.. Why must further BST be made in order to repair them.. Increasing these repair costs only serve to rub the pain it takes to make these items from scratch. Not everyone has deep pockets and can just walk to the corner store in town and buy all of the supplies that they need..
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  10. I dont really see a problem with where the xp cost is at currently. Have you not seen the HUGE market dive on God items? Go vote for two days and you can buy most of the tools. Go mining for a couple hours and you can afford the more expensive weapons. I don't think it should be increases though and I don't think endertopia or any end farms should be labeled xp farms though. Sure pre-patch but they aren't viable anymore.
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  11. I think the repair costs are fine. Especially, as Aikar said, for a long term economy market. EXP is still stupid easy to come by if you have the means to do it. I'm one of the few that are actually happy about the endertopia nerfs. It just opens up more... creative... ways of getting exp. Sure it's not as fast as that.... but going from 1-30 in 3m is just too easymode for me.

    You can still go from 1-30 in 5-10m, depending on the system you use.
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  12. Actually you can dye it, also because it's leather. You can't repair or put extra enchants on it, but dye'ing isn't a problem:

    (note the color numbers)

    If you ever want to go back to the default then you can simply wash it in a cauldron and then dye it white, and after that grey.
    True that!

    Note that I don't think there's a problem here, just merely wondering if the "loss" of XP farms couldn't be reason to change the XP costs.
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  13. Endertopia was never efficient anyway.. the nerf just made it 100% officially useless. God armor isn't even meant to be hard to get anyway like people have said above me, anyone can make it without that much investment. It's not supposed to be some mega op thing that only the wealthy can buy.
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  14. 39 levels to repair my tools every time, yeah a nerf would be nice. But since this has already been denied I guess it isn't happeneing :p
  15. Haha, at that point it's cheaper just to buy the books and make a new tool set. :p

    Which also brings up an interesting idea... repairing is so useless compared to just making new tools. That's a problem in my eyes... *scribbles reminder to write something up tomorrow*
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  16. I repair my "GOD" armour Every half hour when mini boss hunting. Even if u have to pay 39 levels it's still better than making another set. I don't mind the repairing system at all.
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  17. If they will not change, at least fix some of the tools, as when you repair it 4 times, it is then at 39 levels to repair, and when you are using many tools for digging of some sort, it takes ages to repair.
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  18. Right? But I'm too cheap to do that :oops: I have about 3-4 of each that I cycle through repairing, plus my voter tools when I'm feeling more patient.
  19. In my opinion, exp repair costs are fine, considering I'm at level 203 right now, and it was mostly gained while I was afk. And I did NOT use an enderman farm. Trading with villagers should also get you to 39 faster than the enderman farm ever did. I don't mind the new setup, the villager trading thing compensates for the nerfed exp drops nicely.
    You can also simply have someone else fix your items, and it only costs 7 levels for them to do it
  20. Yeah if it's going to cost more than vanilla at least have the repair price be static and not orders of magnitude more each time. I repair my god items once and after that I figure it's cheaper to make new sets.

    The economy isn't really benefitting from this, as it's pushing people to just buy new things or trade for new things instead of just repairing what they have. This causes an abundance of leftover items which, if repair costs and xp rates were reasonable, could have been reused.
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