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  1. Hello Emc-ers! I have come to you with a preposition!

    A Marriage Plugin!

    (This idea was due to the fact we have developed marriage fishes)

    How it would work:

    So, say you already have a marriage fish (like I do) and you would like to get married for real, in-game. But, due to the fact we don't have this plugin, no one can! So I thought, 'I know that some people might like this useless yet fun addition to the server! Lets make a suggestion!'. And now here I am! Making this!

    Why I'm suggesting this:

    I have also suggested this because I had been looking at Minecraft-Comes-Alive servers and came across this link! (click HERE). It seemed pretty feasible due to the fact that its such a simple plugin to make a reality! Also I didn't like the fact that I would have to go on to another server to marry people.


    If this cannot happen I will be sadden yet I will understand because it may not be compatible with this server. I personally, do not know one thing about servers and how to add in plugins and such. But, if you could add this in I'm sure many people will be very thankful (including me :))

    Thank you for your time Emc-ers
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  2. Do you even SMP8?
  3. This is up to the makers of the Minecraft plugins and not EMC, also -1 since...yeah ._.
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  4. there is 1 major flaw u can marry anyone forcefuly
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  5. I am Sorry, but i have to decline this as this is not something that EMC Needs. We need to wait for the Land Claims, Empires, and Dragon Tombs Part 3 and 4 to come out before they can start working on stuff like this. Best thing i can say, is go throw a fish at someone, and marry them on smp8.
  6. -1 I think it'd be a bad idea to allow marriages. It's just not needed in my opinion. Responding to the plugin linked in the OP;

    The only thing marrying does is allow you to teleport to a spouse, but I don't think that'd fit in on EMC. Free teleporting isn't usually a good thing.

    There's also a marriage list, but the same thing can be accomplished with the friends system.

    I don't believe this accomplishes anything more than throwing a fish on someone will do.
    That's incorrect. The plugin she linked says that the marriage request has to be accepted.
  7. I hope you realise anyone can make plugins? .-.
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  8. This is something we dont need. The smp8 hype has gotten....kinda out of hand, I think we should just have our fish and leave it at that, no fancy plugins.
  9. mmm, and who do you want to marry? :p
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  10. o i thought she was talking about a different minecraft comes alive plugin
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  11. That's a modification, not a plugin.
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  12. Whom ever gives me a regal marriage fish of course :3
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  13. I like lamp
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  14. A preposition you say? I know of many prepositions. I doubt yours is unique.

    We write our own plugin.
    I don't believe that this is something we would add, but have you tried being friends yet? I really don't think marrying people over the internet is classified as a good life choice. Besides, then we would have to write a divorce plugin, and wouldn't that be sad. What happens to the kids?
  15. Only if you recognize LGBTF marriages. (lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, fish)
    (*cough smp8 cough*)

    And I don't see this getting implemented to be honest but I would love to see it just because SMP8. And now I realize Equinox beat me to that one. =P

    Also, this post was not meant to offend anyone; if it offends you please specify that in a PM and I will remove it. (I'm bi myself and I was making a joke for the sake of laughter)
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  16. Unless it is SMP8 style, I am really tired of the whole marriage concept.

    However, I'd love to see divorce on EMC with an equal split of assets. Imagine the child support and custody; "Olaf_C must pay 20k rupees a month to deathconn to support him and the clockoala. Mr. _C shall have weekends with the child".

    +1 to divorce, -1 to marriage
  17. Koala approved, but I demand to have clockoala every other weekend!
  18. And thank you for your time to suggest this (seriously). I hope you're not too disappointed that several people didn't like your idea but that is always a risk you take. Even so: please don't be too afraid to share more ideas. I liked the way you thought this out and well.. Yah, can't win 'm all ;)
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  19. The little kiddies go into adoption and live a long successful life! The end XD
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  20. Much more things need to be updated and accomplished before this can take place. Also, SMP8 beat ya so -1
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