Default Server Auto Rotation!

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  1. Another misc update today!

    The past 2 days has been amazing. Extreme growth for EMC!

    We hit back to 250+ online :D

    But one thing I learned was that a single server cant take an entire day of new members, so I have now implemented automatic rotation of the default server, where it will pick a random server every 30 minutes that has 20 or more open Residences.

    To see the current default server, simply visit:
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  2. FIRST! hehehe
    Been wanting this for a while
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  3. A necessary addition that will be appreciated :)
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  4. Wow this server is exploding with new players
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  5. Thank you. I think servers will now have elbow room. This is what SMP2 was like recently:
  6. this is awesome really cool to see some new things going on and implemented
  7. Awesome! Maybe we will get some new smp7ers
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  8. I hear that. More people for my shop xD
  9. Where on the page you linked does it show the default server? I'm not seeing it

    Also, since when does /p <start typing a name then press tab> show a list of every player starting with what you've typed? I could have sworn just earlier it only let you tab complete for online players. Not sure I like that "Feature/bug" :v

    For example: Type "/p the" and press tab and yo get a crap ton of names starting with the, rather than players online starting with the
  10. It defaults to players online first, then to offline players.
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  11. it only pulls from the "database" if you type more than three characters. So if I wanted to /p your name and you were online I could do /p ro and your name would enfilled in. If you do more than 3 characters it will pull from the player database
  12. Ninja'd.. Stupid iPhone :p
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  13. ineteresting..
  14. Good call. It was a bit confusing when I first joined as there were no open plots on server 1. This should help people get settled a little more easily.
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  15. Glad this was an option to be implemented.
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  16. Yay, finally :D
  17. This'll be really good :D
  18. This is going great! There are people on every server basically. :D
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  19. I think the new growth is excellent, just shows what a little effort and some advertising can do.