[DEBATE] Idea thievery

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Idea Thieves: What of them?

I think that your ideas are yours, and anyone caught copying you should be banished. 12 vote(s) 18.8%
I think that it is perfectly fine for one to steal another's ideas. 6 vote(s) 9.4%
I don't think stealing ideas is alright, but what can we do about it? Some people have similar ideas 11 vote(s) 17.2%
It doesn't affect me. 2 vote(s) 3.1%
I don't like stealing, but it's not so serious as to provoke a ban. 10 vote(s) 15.6%
It depends on the situation. (please comment and elaborate if you choose this) 15 vote(s) 23.4%
It doesn't matter, it's all a game. It's only serious in the real world. 8 vote(s) 12.5%
    That being said, I would like to initiate a debate.
    Recently, I have seen many cases of ideas being 'stolen' and being used for personal profit. A thread was closed down due to a little TOO MUCH debate on this topic, so I highly suggest we keep this constructive, and keep the personal attacks and 'flaming' to a minimum. If you would like to offer a personal anecdote, please refrain from naming names other than your own, even if the case is well-known. PLEASE TRY TO KEEP THIS ON-TOPIC.

    Remember to keep the fighting to a minimum, and the healthy discussion to a maximum.
  2. First!

    Number 1, is obviously wrong.
    Number 2 is a coincidence, and the two groups can work things out.
    Number 3 The man can take them into court.
    Example 4, he probably did it.
    Example 5 the other player should be question by a mod, then, because we know he copied it, ban him.
    Example 6 BAN

    I think these are all different, anyone who says they are the same probably doesn't really know about how things work, if ya know what I mean.
  3. I don't see how scenarios 1 and 6 are idea thievery. They're purse thievery and diamond thievery.
    Edit: I agree with MEINCRAVTA's opinions on the scenarios.
  4. Well, in the example number 6 it's obviously griefing, and if you just sit back and see you will get no justice done.
    But, i think that we should be a creative helping and positive community, let's just play minecraft and stop with thigns like "i invented this first" or "i'm the one who made it first" or " you are copying my shop" or whatever...
    If someone else copies you on something, just make it better and if he keeps it comming just ask him if he needs any help with it.
    Someone attempted to copy my guild, with military names and such, guess what.
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  5. They don't have more than 10 members?
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  6. This is a hard subject work vote on. I don't think it's wrong to copy ideas.

    What I do think is wrong it to take someones business plan. and undercut him by a huge margin just to take his customers.
  7. the whole idea of "idea thievery" is really iffy, especially for things like redstone devices, once youve figured out the best way to build a component, most ppl will figure it out too, and use that, because it is more efficient. does that mean they copied you? no, there are some obvious exceptions(such as buying a smooth gen/cobblegen, or somethings similar, from a player. then turning around and selling the design to other players as well.) if two people have exact copys of the same building, device, or farm. maybe one copied the other. but most likely, they both watched the same youtube video, or tutorial on how to build it, and neither are willing to admit they didnt think it up themselves.
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  8. Exactly, but are they different from stealing someone's idea for personal profit? In both cases, the material is not yours, and in both cases, the materials are being used to help the individual who took them.
  9. You aren't the first person to make a guild on the empire.
  10. Example 1: Thats why i told my mother to get a wheelchair - they are hard to tip over.. they really are.....

    Example 2: Live with it. Welcome to the real world and patenting.

    Example 3: Live with it. Welcome to the real world and patenting.

    Example 4: Action and reaction - you fail to comply with the rules - you burn.

    Example 5: You stop playing multi-player - and starts building amazing things in SP.

    Example 6: You spam that effing F2 like it has never been spammed before! Justin will give you a new one :D

    Anyways - im sorry, but i fail to see this having any "debate to it".

    They are all different situations - different environments, different people, different places, different custom rules.
  11. Don't focus so much on the examples he has given. There is plenty of discussion to be had here.
  12. argh okay - i read his topic as "Whats the difference between these situations" and made no sense to me - thanks for explaining :)
  13. I think that copying is flattering. just the feeling of someone copying my idea means they really like it.
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  14. I asked how they are different. What I said in the OP was just a spark to get the whole thing started. My hope was for this to encompass ALL possible opinions and situations.
  15. Really, the main issue I have with most 'Idea Stealing' is that it could take away serious profit from the original creator. We can't forget that our community is very similar to a real-life society. And in real-life societies, there are lots of laws. Granted, Minecraft is very different from the real world, but there are many real-world laws that still apply in the real world.
  16. Would you consider this flattering?

    You decide to help people make a starter home. you decide only to charge 1k rupees to help someone get started on the server.
    Person B. likes your idea but decides to only charge 100 rupess so he can get all the customers.

    Is that still flattering?
  17. I do not think we have policies that actually defend against plagiarists. And to have any policies in effect would be utterly useless. For just one reason:

    How are we supposed to know who built what first? "Hey! He stole my idea! -- No, it was my idea first!" We can't punish anyone unless the perpetrator comes clean.

    That does not even sound like plagiarizing. That sounds like business.
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  18. Ever think there is a reason you don't see this in the real world? There are laws to prevent things like this from happening. If there wasn't, for example, ford could bottom out car prices to put GM out of business but this would be against the law.
  19. How companies set prices has nothing to do with copyright laws. You have no idea what you are saying. O_O
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  20. Where did i mention copyright? YOU have no idea what you are talking about.....
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