[DEBATE] 4th Supporter Member Status?

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  1. I was just on 8 earlier, quite a low number, I normally play on 4, now that one is chatty!

    I'm also a new Diamond supporter, got on Utopia; quite a LOW count despite how many res there are ;)

    What I also noticed is that you can walk off beyond the res boundaries that isn't shown on the live map for some reason; but you can't dig there of course :/ (not saying you should, but I find it kind of ironic you can continue to walk with no "wall" there.
  2. ur 12 omg
  3. And what's your point? C'mon so what they are 12?
  4. IANAL but IIRC the law doesn't prohibit the storage of usernames per se; the username can't contain personally identifiable information (your name, age, etc). The law does require site owners that collect information to inform those under 13 to get parental permission and some sites will even have the option of adding a parent's email along with the child's/account holder's actual email.

    At least that is how I remember it was when we setup facebook for my sisters (not that I care about that either)

    FWIW don't cause problems and you'll be fine.
  5. I am going to have to say.. [CON]

    I think it's a little bit excessive and unnecessary. Four residences is by far enough for any person I think :) If there were going to be any supporter level added, I would suggest one between Gold and Diamond. I don't know what you'd call it.. maybe that could by the Obisidian level. It would cost $15 and you would get 3 res's, 1000r per day, and the the use of TNT/the personalised messages on your res (but only one or the other). Plus all the other features like reserved spot and being able to hide yourself on the map.
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  6. Definitely not. It is nice that there are some perks for the people who contribute serious money to the server ($20/month). It makes playing the game a little more fun and easier, and with access to Utopia wild, and Utopia residence, etc. If people want to get extra rupees they can always make a 1-time donation.
  7. Yeah, now that'd be worthwhile, perhaps people like me who have too much money would like to keep diamond status and donate more and get rupees in return ;)
  8. Glad to see all the opinions!
  9. CON
    I like the 3. 4 is too many. I think 1 thing should be added to diamond though. I think if Diamond members r paying $20 a month..We should be able to use vault in wild. Not free of course...even if it was 15 or 20 rupees to use. But be able to use it
  10. This has been debated in the Supporter board previously and after the Reset when we had it for free, the general opinion was that there were better perks to be had.

    Besides, 20r for using it? Even if that was to be implemented, the cost for it would need to be in the thousands to nullify any potential profit from harvesting rare or hard to get ores and porting it straight back to town.
  11. Agreed. It's 1000 to just lock a chest in the wild, and you still have to transport it back to town yourself. Having vault in the wild (for anyone whatsoever) in my mind is unnecessary but if it were to happen it would have to be a hefty fee for people to use it.
  12. The alternative that was discussed was for Diamond Supporters. You could place a Portal in the Wild and it would lead back to your Residence and become a permanent gateway unless you destroyed it.

    After much chat, JustinGuy has said he will look into it (Not neccessarily do it) in the next few months as an excellent boost to the Diamond level.
  13. Well, before you actually propose any kind of numerical benefits, you have to look at proportionality. Throwing numbers out to make people happy isn't going to work very well in the long run. Think of it like this:
    Regular: Iron (5$): Gold (10$): Diamond (20$): Proposed ($40):
    100r Reg. + 300 Reg + 600 Reg + 1200 Reg + 2400
    1 res Reg * 1 Reg * 2 Reg * 4 Reg * 8

    The analyzation: For 5$, you get the first bump up from regular. 300r more per day and no extra reses. For twice as much money as iron, Gold gets twice as many more rupees per day and twice the reses. For twice as much money as Gold, Diamond gets twice as many more rupees and twice as many reses as Gold. For 4 times the amount that iron is, they get 4 times more rupees per day than iron, and 4 times as many reses. In order to keep with this pattern, a 40$ membership would give 2400r a day and 8 reses. (that's ridiculous if you ask me.) And even a 30$ membership would get 1800r a day and 6 reses, which is still pretty over the top. Now, if you don't follow patterns, or you just like plugging in variables, here's a simple equation that we can draw from this pattern:

    For any given amount of real-world dollars, 'd', the numerical benefits
    of a subscription would equal
    For Daily Rupees: (300(d/5)) + 100
    For reses: (d/5)

    I, personally, am against another supporter option. This purpose of this post is simply to clarify that you have to think about the proportionality of the benefits you are proposing before throwing them out there for the community to decide on.
  14. I was thinking of a recruiter, you recruit 5 people and you get everything a normal free member will get expect you
    can go on emc even its full
  15. Not a bad idea either or perhaps if someone recruits 5 people you get to try out diamond for free for 5 or 10 days or whatever; there's no way to "try before buy" (but what's there to try? ;)).

    I became a diamond supporter because A) I can afford it and B) why not? I love this server as much as I dislike your silly creepers
  16. Recruiter? No. There are too many people out there who would just find a bunch of alt accounts and sign them up, and it's much too tough to check EVERY SINGLE IP for referrals. It's only being used in the currently ongoing contest to make sure the top one's haven't referred all from the same IP.
  17. Wait.. Are two supporter accounts not allowed?
  18. Wait are you saying they're doing the contest to see if those who are referring aren't referring from the same IP? Why have a contest to check this? Yeah its time consuming to do a check of course, but I guess if they had alts they could make 500r for themselves for each of their alts too.

    That being said, I have considered getting a 2nd MC account for family to use (sister, brother, whatever) it would still be mine, but I would not do a referral on it; its just dishonest. The only thing preventing me from getting another account is the license fee (gotta pay Mojang) $26 for another license.

    You know what Mojang really should do? Figure out a way to allow subaccounts for those who have more than one license/account (Wizard101 does this for family accounts).

    anyway... yeah bad idea my idea is to blow up the creepers for rewards :p
  19. Well, I don't think it's not allowed, but I've never really thought about it much. ALts are generally allowed though...
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  20. Pro, maybe called obsidian supporter? Aweso e idea
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