[DEBATE] 4th Supporter Member Status?

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  1. tclementi is in violation of 3, the one with being famous, along with misrepresenting and being under 13 probably. Im 2 grades ahead in math for my age and I really don't think this is a maturity problem. Ive seen people act like 8 year olds and are twice my age....
  2. Unfortuantely, immaturity amongst other things is proven when you lie about something such as your age. There is an awful lot of that going on around this site it would seem.

    Anyway, why do we need another Supporter Level when it's already been mentioned by several people that Diamond, as it stands, doesn't offer enough to encourage people to upgrade to it?

    Plus, things like 8 Residences... That's just throwing numbers at it and hoping it appeals to people. You need to think outside of the box insofar as what perks to offer each level of Supporter and as in the Supporters board, we saw a few ideas flung about and voted for.

    This doesn't work for me.
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  3. Yup. I'm actually only 6 months old, you know ;)
  4. Im sorry, i didn't want to have the stereotype of immaturity put on me as soon as i put my birthdate and thought you would say I'm not mature enough to even make an account. Sorry for any misunderstandings.

    Im changing it to 6 actually, because that way you can't get more res's for the same price with 2 diamond accounts, it would be more money anyways.
  5. [ con ] what would you call it, lava? I don't think so!
  6. Maybe Emerald membership, looking like this

    MEINCRAVTA: Emerald Membership FTW!!!!
  7. Now that just freaks me out. :)

    The one thing you will learn as you grow older is that it doesn't matter how old you are, it's how you present yourself to the people you're engaging with.

    Online, depending on your literacy skills if English is your first language, it's somewhat easier to do than in Real Life where there isn't the immediate physical judgement that's cast on you.

    Be yourself, don't hide how old you are, and if you present yourself in a mature, rational and well constructed manner then people wont care how old you are in an environment where it's irrelevant.

    P.S - I'm still saying 'No' to this. :)
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  8. [CON]
    It gets less than twice the benefits of Diamond, while costing twice as much. And no, just adding residences isn't enough, people want actual privileges.
  9. Thats senior staff colour, give it back. :p
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  10. I think that's 00BF00, which is the 'technical' Moderator color, senior staff is 55FF55.

    Er, well it's not actually 00BF00 that he used, but I guess that's beside the point. If this 4th supporter level ever came out, I vote Gravitite Supporter.
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  11. why the heck would you want to fill it with water?

    If another supporter level was added I'd like to see a supporter only peaceful wilderness instead of more res's

    Its amazing how big 60x60 is! What am I going to do with just ONE of those? I don't want to make some silly/fancy building; that's what everybody else does. I know I'm turning mine into a resource cache and storing weapons, tools, etc on various levels underground and above and perhaps a big giant meeting place for clans and such (don't know if you need that, but who cares). Since we can't PvP, its not like they are going to talk about wars :D.

    This reminds me of Ultima Online, we need more items! :p (maybe they can include that on the next tier, oh and I plan to get the top tier supporter :)
  12. Why not Obsidian?
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  13. Why you underage?
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  14. Well, residences no longer seem to be what people wants, I've saw many Diamond or Gold supporters who give away their residences and only keep like 2 of them, also, people who might want more residences would just become diamond on alt accounts.
    As stated up: people want real benefits.
    I might have some ideas of benefits but this is not the thread to discuss them, I just think that it's not necessary another level up.

    Pd:/ you actually CAN play MC being <13 years old, Justin stated that it can happen under parental guidance.
  15. The problem is that by law Justin may not store any data that belongs to a person under 13, including username. Kind of hard to have an account when the server cannot store your username. Workaround here is that the account belongs to a parent and the child uses it. Still tricky because the child could post other data, like his date of birth, on the forum, which would be illegal for the server to store...

    Disclaimer: This is no legal advice. (and it would illegal for me to give legal advice...).
  16. As stated, it has to be under parent guidance, which actually means they kinda have to play, browse and surf forums with their parents.
    yeah that don't happens.
  17. My parents say i can play mc, as long as i don't post anything like " I LIVE AT FAKE STREET 12345!".
  18. My mom says: Do whatever you want as long as it doesnt bring me troubles or someone knocking at my door.
    I LOL hard mainly because of the way she says it :p
  19. Make that none.
  20. Why would you compare to SMP1 if it is the first server? Almost all news come to SMP8 or 9, and want something more "updated" Trust me, I'm on 8, and i have to say /ch off sometimes the chat is that bad.