[DEBATE] 4th Supporter Member Status?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MEINCRAVTA, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. If you are on either side, write at the top of your posts [PRO] or [CON]

    Background Info: 40 dollar membership, 1900 rupee bonus, 6 res's, same as diamond for everything else. You can clear your res of dirt for 10k, or fill with water for 15k.

    Tell me what you think! This is not a MODS SAY THIS COULD NEVER HAPPEN THREAD LOCKED kind of debate, I just wanna see what the pros and cons of this are.
  2. (CON)

    Why? Three support groups is all we need. Also, who would need 8 res's?
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  3. [PRO]
    For better off people who want to support and be all powerful.
    PLEASE elaborate, that was really a blank statement.
  4. Sorry, changed it from 3rd, forgot..... FAIL
  5. [CON]
    4rd? I'm not even sure what you would do with 8 residences... I think the number of supporter statuses is fine how it is. I mean, if you add another one now how long before someone suggests a 5th or 6th? I've seen servers that have way more supporter memberships than we have here and the people who had the highest membership had way too much power over everyone else. I guess what I'm asking is where would it stop?
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  6. True, the servers don't stop either, so we might need more supporters. Probably would make the res's like 6, so you would be paying more to get the same amount with 2 diamond supporter memberships.
  7. [PRO] this would be sick i would buy diamond then or whatever u would call this
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  8. That's the thing, we would get more supporters as EMC grows, but that doesn't mean we would have to add another supporter status just yet. Maybe sometime down the line when EMC gets extremely massive would it be good to add another supporter status, but I don't think it's ready for that quite yet. Heck, I'd be supporting right now if I had a source of income, but alas I've not yet managed to land a part-time job...
  9. I would too if i had an income whatsoever. 12 year olds can't really get jobs........
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  10. Yup -- I just wanted to know what 4rd meant :D

    Oh, and MEIN, you know your profile says you are 24, right? Plenty old enough to have a job ;)
  11. Sorry about that, thought they wouldn't let me on the site. Are they able to change it?
  12. I don't think it matters :D
  13. CON. I think 8 res is Way to much. Seeing there is barely any left on smp1 for example imagine a new person cant claim because you have 8 res.
  14. I guess it's actually a violation of a couple of them...
  15. Fixed that for you.
  16. Against. Barely.

    What I'd like was a mini-res on all servers. Just big enough to put a big number of chests there. 6x5 (+shared walls) would be a nice size, that'd allow for a ladder in the center and 6 chests around it per level.


    The area with the the mini-reses would also make a nice shopping district.


    I build some sample designs on my utopia res (5381). After that I'd go for a 5x5 size, it builds better and better fits the 60x60 grid of towns (one normal res could fit 100 of these, or one of the extra plots 400).

    WC C CW
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  17. [PRO]
    I think it would be nice to have a new type =)
    But, since it's 30 dollars, the residence number should be 6...
    Also the daily bonus should be 2000 =)

  18. Well, I'm turning 13 in August, and I'm two grades ahead in math for my age, so it probably isn't much of a maturity problem, TRUST me, I've seen way more immature people twice my age.
    That sounds awesome, maybe 1 for iron, 2 for gold, and 4 for diamond, to even it out. In the future servers we could have a reserved big res (utopia size) and have it filled with these.