Dear ShelLuser

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  1. I will give you 5 DCs of stone slabs if you complete a simple challenge:

    You may only have up to 200 words per post. If you do that until the 30th of November, you will receive your payment.
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  2. This is quite the challenge
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  3. Oooh, tempting!

    But I'm afraid it won't work because I'm busy with continuing my fantasy story so yeah, one post of that will easily break this contest :cool:

    Still, I am tempted! (here's a 1st try too!).

    PS: do spoilers make things any better? :)
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  4. If they did, they would spoil the challenge. :p
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  5. I can just imagine all the consecutive posts with under 200 words each. :p
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  6. *Ba dum psh*
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  7. Hmm, then so far so good. How to get around this... I know! Instead of writing one huge post, I'll just have to write several smaller ones :D

    Brilliant! You, my friend, may just have opened Pandora's box :cool:
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  8. That would help you if it wasn't against the forum rules to double post within the same time frame :p But, you could always wait a while in between and you could get away with it perhaps :rolleyes:

    Good luck, Shel :p