Dating On EMC? What gives?

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  1. Alright so I feel the need to express my thoughts on the whole "dating" on EMC thing. So here goes.

    Honestly I have never seen the point in it. You and your partner get nothing out of it. So why do it? First of all you don't know the person whether you have been friends with them "forever" or not. I don't care how much you say you love them. How can you love someone that you have never met in real life? Sure, the personality of a person can draw you to them, but what if they are faking? People fake their personalities all the time just to get attention. Anyway...that's not all I have to say, but I lost my train of thought so I'll get to the conclusion.

    I'm clearly not getting it; why people would date on here. Unless you like dating a 12 year old then no...just no. If someone has any input please share it here. I'd love to hear what people have to say about it.

    And if there is already a thread about this I will delete this one and go on there. But for the record I did use the search function to see if there was something about it.

    EDIT: Better explanation below.

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  2. It is pretty weird, but I haven't noticed it much.... oh and I feel a need to vomit when I think about EMC dating but I am often unable to.
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  3. I guess it depends on what server you play on. I forgot to mention that I see it on smp9 A LOT. Not naming any names, but they had a whole argument over it on there. Everyone went up against this one guy. Which, I admit, isn't fair to the one guy. But he put himself out there to get flamed at.
  4. SMP6 is relatively quiet with this stuff, so I guess if it's done, people have the decency to type /tell [dates name].
  5. So you are saying just because Aikar and Maxaries met on here they faking each other and shouldn't be married?
  6. Meh. I dude it a sort troll, and when they ask me to stop, I do. And the funny thing was, most of the people were on my side, wanting to make her. XD
  7. Some people meet on minecraft and then talk through other methods like skype and really like the other person so they decide to date. It is not up to us to determine what it right or wrong about their relationship if both parties are happy. Besides, not all people on EMC are 12 years old.
  8. Oh ya. Dont insult the Aikar or The Maxarias. They shall command me to eat you alive.
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  9. i agree, Aikar and Max live together, they aren't staring at their minecraft avatars all day... nor have i seen/heard of anyone "dating" threw emc, so i have no idea whatesoever what you are talking about.
  10. Huh, Wha? That's not EMC dating...
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  11. I wasn't even thinking of them when I made this thread. Do I think it is right just because of them? No. But all these young players trying to date people they don't even know is ridiculous.

    There's a difference between mature players dating and immature. I don't know for sure, but I feel that Aikar and Maxarias are mature players. But other than them I see no point.

    And when I say people they don't even know I mean just the other day I was doing what I do online and some random person messaged me and asked if I would date them. See what I mean by "people you don't know". Then they went on to say that they love me. I had never talked to this person in my life.

    I don't think Aikar and Maxarias met the way this person talked to me....
  12. Maybe the 419 spammers are getting Minecraft accounts now?
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  13. No, Jack already ate Maxarias a few days ago on SMP1. Check out his sig.
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  14. They met on EMC. Proof:
    Said it to me in a PM when I congratulated them.
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  15. lol i completely agree with the OP. Its just stupid. Its a bloomin game. If you cant form a relationship in real life, but resort to doing it through a video game then you have something wrong with you. I do know of a few people on here that have formed a "relationship" through meeting on emc. I wont name them, they can be upfront about it if they so wish. But they use skype as alternatives for communicating with each other.

    In all honesty I dont see the point to online relationships.

    I have a relationship going atm. I prefer to have that physical sense that your partner is right next to you. Holding your hand, hugging etc. That is special.
    Online relationships aren't in my view because really, all your "partner" is is a bunch of 0's and 1's.
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  16. it is really weird unless you are dating in real life and you girlfriend/ boyfriend play minecraft too then its not weird at all. :D
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  17. that is true that not everyone on EMC is 12 and even if they are 12, 12 year olds date too (im 12 trust me i know)
  18. Yea and a 12 year old pretty much still believes in cooties.
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  19. LOL? At 12 you're hardly going through puberty.
  20. :p im tryin to get a date :'( i got rejected last time i tryed