d1223m must be taken care of.

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  1. He took my two hour's of a glory as a top poster from me...
  2. spamming the thread for post count could possible get you banned off of the threads or un able to post.. because there should be no spamming on forums... there is already enough on game
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  3. I didn't spam, well, maybe a little to may post's on a forum but I didn't fill it wil pointless crap like ZOMG IZ THE BESTZ!!
  4. Wut? could you explain this a bit more, sorry im lost :( i mean, is this a spam thread or something to cry about loosing your status or what?
  5. All I know is d1223m is a cool dude, i'm sure he hasn't done anything wrong
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  6. I know, I'm just joking.
  7. Indeed, i think i kinda understand the point of this thread.
    Spam forums to get "top poster" or "active member" thing. I was checking out and MrLegitislegit has been making threads of 2 lines to say not-important-at-all stuff or to ask something that could have been asked in-game, answers that even players know...

    i mean "i just wasted 12xp levels [...]" well, great for u bud. no need to make a thread about your everyday experience on minecraft...
  8. Top Poster spots come and go. While I myself have never lost mine (Only tshack has ever surpassed me, though temporarily) I understand that you may enjoy being one of the top 12.

    The key is to pass a member that doesn't use the forums anymore, but it isn't worth anything if you create useless content to reach such a milestone.
  9. how do u get "achievements" as your sig.?
  10. Good luck catching me ;)
  11. I saw your profile feeling like *challenge accepted*
    then i was like:
    and after: Nvm, it's ok, keep the title.

    (sorry bout big imgs :p)
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  12. some day... *crawls forums for threads to reply*
  13. please reply........
  14. You did say reply... :p
  15. I hope this didn't encourage people to randomly post on forums just to get post count.... as it doesn't really matter..
  16. There is a website in which you can create custom achievements that are Minecraft related. Unfortunately I do not know the name of it.
  17. This is a spam thread.........
  18. while it may be a little off the original topic, i think it is not really spam.