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  1. If I buy gold, would it keep charging me or would I have to pay each month manually

    Also, when it runs out, would I still have the lot.
  2. Its autopay monthly until you cancel your upgrade.No idea about the lot thing though.
  3. As far as I understand, the billing system will automatically rebill you every month unless you cancel it. If you only want to subscribe for one month, you can subscribe and then cancel right away. This way it will not rebill you.

    I think Justin or Jeremy would be better able to answer your second question.
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  4. You would still have the lot, because right now there is no way to get rid of supporter lots. Justin's working on a way to do it, but I'm sure he'll also implement a grace period so you won't lose your extra lots if you accidentally don't reupgrade right away.
  5. When your supporter subscription ends, you will (In the future) be given 10 days to either move your items off your lot or subscribe to a supporter level (Gold would keep extra one lot [Your -2 lot] and Diamond would keep all of your lots.) In actual time, it'd be easy to obtain $10 in 10 days, though that may be difficult for some. If you don't subscribe in 10 days your lot will be reset.

    That is, once this is implimented, which I cannot confirm or deny at this point.
  6. So gold would keep the lot and diamond would keep the two.
  7. If you downgraded from Diamond to Gold, you would lose your "-3" lot.
    If you downgraded from Diamond to Iron or Normal, you would lose your "-2" lot and your "-3" lot.
    If you downgraded from Gold to Iron or Normal, you would lose your "-2" lot.
  8. Oh I get it now.

    Another question, if someone had the lot BEFORE the update, would they still keep it?
  9. The policy would be put in effect as soon as the update occurred. :)