Me and my friend are going to make it rich.

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  1. We started a mine and we already have lots of iron and redstone.
  2. Thanks for the update. What server?

    I need to get a friend...
  3. thats depressing sounding XD
  4. SMP3. Wont say the cords ATM.
  5. Haha, yes...I'm a lonely rabbit. I've been a hermit in my house with random bouts in the wild in search of resources or replanting trees. Too many house projects to work on, it's sort of overwhelming. Much like Skyrim. "Hmm...Dark Brotherhood? Companions? What's that? Thieves Guild seems fun. Maybe become a vampire. Let's get a house. I hear we can get married, lets do that. Wait, there's a tomb! Lets go exploring! OMG WHAT DO FIRST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWTFBOOM"

    I have plans...Hopefully good ones.
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  6. Why not become a Werewolf SrgntCuddles?
  7. I am a werewolf. They are awesome in Skyrim despite a few early bugs.
  8. Very true, first time I turned out side of the first forced turn, I killed a Dragon and a Dragon Priest! It was so much fun, then I made the fun mistake of doing it in the middle of Solitude, killed a lot of people and guards, then got killed by a single guy who was using silver arrows.
  9. You killed Solitude as well? Interesting...
  10. I made it my goal with one character to kill every town and city in Skyrim, and I succeeded in my endeavor. Took a lot of time, and I had to find a place to call home before I started, so I found a cave with a bed in it, cleared it out, stored my stuff there, and slaughtered all of Skyrim. I got a scary pleasure from doing that. Then I made another character and saved Skyrim, and stopped the war peacefully.
  11. Well while all you were doing that....................I took an arrow to the knee
  12. I don't even know what it mean it just sounds cool please tell me what the arrow to the knee crap is about??
  13. All I know is that's it's about a king In skyrim....I think;P
  14. not a king, a guard, but please dont hijack the topic :)