Cut down on Kelp?

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  1. This is more a suggestion for EMC's update than its present state.

    I've actually been playing Minecraft again (1.14) and of all the changes to biomes and structures, entities and STUFF, there's one that really stands out in my mind as excessive.

    All the bloody kelp.

    I don't know if this is something feasible for EMC or not, but I'd like to suggest that when the server updates, it includes a little tweak to biome generation to limit Kelp to either its own sub-biome in the oceans ("kelp_forest"?) or at least cut down on how much of it is generated with the world. I don't think oceans should go back to being vast expanses of emptiness, but it really feels like they're too full.
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  2. #MakeTheOceansForestsAgain
  3. Support for sure. Would be less laggy, no?

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  4. Let nature be as it was intended to be... then we can destroy the eco system with our wonderful enchanted diamond tools! deforestation, coral harvest, fracking.. the joys of draining the life out of the wastelands. I guess thats just the greed in me ;)
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  5. You can make dried kelp blocks to use as fuel instead of coal so you don't have to pollute our atmosphere from coal furnaces.
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  6. Unless there is a significant reason regarding performance for the adjustment of something, we generally do not change intended behavior of spawning mechanics.
    Now that's just how we USUALLY treat updates, but following that pattern, I wouldn't see us making a change to the default world generation.
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  7. Whilst Kanos LTD recognises the benefits of being green... we have adopted a zero carbon footprint policy... now that doesnt mean we are completely green... that means the opposite... we dont have a carbon footprint policy... we will pollute the skies with coal, we will destroy the lives of blaze communities and harvest their rods as fuel. Why you ask? for wealth, power and resources and most importantly... because we can "cackles"

    still buy stuff from me though... i need that permanent residence voucher ;)
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