Custom Mini-Boss Ideas

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  1. What Mini-Bosses would you guys like to see on EMC?
  2. A cow flying on a bat with a skeley that has a power VV bow
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  3. There is a doc somewhere where you can send to staff leme find it
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  4. You mean X? :p
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  5. Ahh yes
  6. How about a giant flaming witch that throws potions and shoots spectral arrows?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. A cool Valentines mini boss would be a pig called Cupig with the NoGravity tag so it flies, but is changed so it can go up and down, but summons skeletons to shoot you (Mini Cupids).
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  8. Guys, if you have an idea for a new mini boss then it's better to use this form:

    This will make sure that the staff gets to see it and then they can work things out. Also, but this is simply my opinion, I think this post would be better off in the "Community discussions" forum because it's not really a suggestion you're making. But.. that's just my 2 cents :)
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  9. A shulker boss?
  10. Renaming the Marlix "Cupid" for V-Day
  11. Thread moved to Community Discussion, as it's not actually a Suggestion post.
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  12. k thanks mercenary.
  13. What about enraged enderman? that would be pretty op.
  14. Well:
    I'll be honest, now: I'm feel quite cool being able to quote the first post in a locked thread :p I know it's not such a hard thing to do, but you got to do some tricks for it ;)