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    After returning a few days ago I noticed that the game changed a bit and don't really like it.I just felt like saying this so, don't bash me or anything :x

    I don't like the fact that you get these Vote messages every half hour (It's probably more time, it just feels less) saying to vote to get Rupees,Emeralds,diamonds and armor.

    It just feels like all these other servers with horrible economies that try to force the players to vote. Instead of Play to Win it's more like Vote to Win. They're all like, VOTE NOW! 50 stacks of diamond! Infinite Emerald! 100000000 points of currency! VOTE NOWW VOTE!That's the aspect I've been receiving from the current messages giving stuff, though they're not as hardcore as the other servers but it feels the same to me.

    Also noticed that there are many players now with massive amounts of rupees which I guess they came from voting since you can get 1700r per day, 51k per month not including diamonds,emeralds and other stuff so it doesn't seem that nice to the economy.

    I might be wrong, I might be right but this is what I think about it.

    I could keep talking about it but it's just superfluous information, I think I have shown my opinion.

    EDIT: There might be some mistakes or whatever, just wrote it as it came out of my mind.

    Last Edit:
    Honestly, after seeing all these posts and that poll thread... I must say I was wrong, I just missed too much and kinda got surprised that everyone had this bigger amount of rupees, 'cause hey, I started EMC with 1500 rupees and spent them all in the EMC shop for a diamond pickaxe which I lost half hour later in the wild xD

    I guess it was the right move to go and inflate the economy as the community deemed necessary. I feel so dumb and useless now D: That's what I get for not looked at what happened all these months.
  2. Anyone and everyone can vote, it takes a few seconds and costs nothing to the player. It helps the server get noticed and rank up on top lists to further get new members. It's not really 'vote to win' it's 'vote because it supports the server grow'.

    People who take the time to support the server and help it grow deserve a reward. If there was no reward, or nothing that made it feel worth while, then no one would do it. There is nothing wrong with this system, and due to the fact that everyone can do it, it doesn't give anyone an unfair advantage.

    Though I will admit to agree with your one point, that the endless spam of redundant notifications has grown quite old. Generally speaking though, not just with voting. Such as "Personal settings now supports difficulty! Play your way!" this isn't something that is new anymore, and quite frankly doesn't need to be spammed to everyone every 30 minutes. Then again, the April Rupee promo message spammed half way through May in-game, so it's probably something that just gets forgotten about.
  3. I know it's to help and all but 612k a year.... I 'Worked' very hard to obtain my rupees while someone who can just vote daily get a similar amount of what I achieved in around a year just by voting. Heck I even know people who have played for over 400 days and haven't gone over 300k rupees.

    EDIT: Not saying it's unfair, just saying that I think it's rather too much rupees to give, even more than what diamond supporters get by daily log in

    and stuff I said in the main post.
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  4. Most important thing to realize with the voting reminder in chat, if you vote it will not show up until the next day.

    I do get irritated with it as well but I vote every single day and for the bit of inconvenience it is to vote, well the rewards more than make up for the 3 minutes it takes to vote.

    You say it seems bad for the economy, but if you think about it, not having new players coming in would be worse. Everyone knows that once a player is around for at least a month, that player is basically self sufficient and does not really buy from player shops. So the influx of new players guarantees that the player shops will continue to get new customers and continue to sell items.

    Honestly, all in all, I dont really have a single complaint about this server. I was a diamond supporter from day 2. I took a break to focus on my shop and builds since I was at grinders in utopia wild about 95% of the time I was on EMC. I was a supporter 2 days into playing EMC and that was only 3 days into playing pc minecraft.
    Maybe post a thread with a poll asking about other options for the chat reminder, maybe less frequent or a toggle option.

    EMC is by far the best mc server there is, Just cant get enough of it!!

    Just my 2 cents :)
  5. well now you can work for that amount and vote for twice that amount
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  6. It has to be enough of a reward for people to even bother. I sure know I would still vote if there wasnt a reward, but prob like once a month. ^^
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  7. Not necessarily true. I am 464 days old, and I still buy from player shops. I barely use the wild, and get all/most of my blocks and materials from player shops.
  8. Also, what would you rather have? A possibly slightly damaged economy enjoyed by the many, or a perfect economy but with nobody around to appreciate it?
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  9. I'm with ya bro! I live in town, the only thing I go for wild is to go to my grinder.

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  10. Im sure you know what I mean. More or less, a large % of player shop sales is from new players, but yes, for sure some players still buy thru player shops. I have spent maybe 1000r thru player shops, in 3 months. Im now leaning towards the auctions, as u have seen :D
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  11. Like some say, Quality over Quantity.

    The server activity seems rather the same back when I started almost two years ago. Perhaps it even feels like the town chat is even less active tbh.
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  12. I feel the same
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  13. I think if anything, voting is too easy. Like common sense has to kick in and be like "Should I work hard for my money, or should I just vote and get it faster?" But you can just do both. You get money to buy things, and if you're a town person, you need money even more. So why don't you just work and vote? It's an easy way to get money and to promote growth to the server, which would make the towns much more active and chatty ;)
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  14. compared to 98% of other servers i've ever tried to play on... EMC hardly bothers you at all about voting... i've seen some servers that don't even let you play that day until you've voted...
    EMC is extremely forgiving and hardly bothers you except a tiny little reminder every few hours.
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  15. Well... In a way, voting has made me rich yes. But not because I vote.

    Voting is important because it brings more people to the server, which means more money to run the server. Previously, the server was costing way more to run, than it earned through donations. Spamming vote messages to players drastically increases the number of people voting, and hence, brings more players to the server, who then donate money. Essentially, voting earns the server money, and we don't shut down. :)

    Voting makes me rich because it gives players money that they then give to me for resources or services. Voting is the primary way for new players to get money, and particularly for Town players who dislike venturing into the wild/waste. The amount of rupees i get from me voting is miniscule to the amount of rupees i have flow through my balance daily. I do tend to spend it as fast as i earn it though, so that money circulates.

    I also dislike advertising and the voting chat messages. But as said, the 'vote reminder' only comes up if you have not voted in the last 24hrs. So when you see it, click the link, vote on topg, then back to the game with no message for the next 24hrs. Easy. (and a bit of cash).
  16. you can also turn those reminders off
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  17. Tell me how without voting. I've even turned the /chat off and I keep getting them.
  18. /chat status off /chat tips off
    i think theres another one cant remember it.

    when i did that i only got a one line reminder every hour which is waaaaaay less then any other server
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  19. i think theres a /chat tips off, but idk if it is the same as the voting and recent updates. I think thats for something else, but its worth a try
  20. I think its great that that they are trying so hard to make EMC a successful business. Think of it like tv, you have to put up with the commercials so that the tv shows have money to get made. As some players move on from EMC, new players need to be recruited to take their place.

    While its sometimes hard to see EMC change, its a fact of life that things either change or they die. EMC can't stay exactly the same as it was when you first started playing. They have to keep adapting to survive. Take the time to vote before you log on and you won't have to see the message.

    As for the amount of rupees, you could always get 1,000 or more rupees per day if you voted on every site. If the rupees from voting was affecting the economy greatly, you would see prices going up on everything, inflation, as the shops ran out of everything. I haven't noticed prices going up greatly and my favorite stores have plenty of stock. I think the economy is doing fine.