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  1. Okay, I have got a crazy idea that Im sure that not everyone will like. What the idea is Cross Server Joining, meaning you could do /server smp2 and join the server manually. Now here me out on the importances of the idea.

    1: You would not be able to do this in the wilderness, nether, or end.
    2: It would cost about 100 rupees to do cross server. It wold cost rupees to go to the Utopia Server.
    3: It would also add the function with /ip to see which server you are on.
    4:It would say when you leave to do /server

    6:Supporters can /server utopia for free.

    That is all my reasons. I am sure they is a plugin for this. Before you write, "Zomg this is horrible," please tell me calmly why you don't like the idea, what should be added/taking out, or suggestions. ;)

    No. This will have nothing to DO with /tp. This is for SMP servers only. You would not be able to do this in wild, nether, or end. It would ONLY work in town. ONLY. xD So please don't write a comment like that ;_;

    If you still don't get it, here is what I meant:

    Highly appreciate suggestions you give me :)
    Q & A:

    "It would say you would have to log out of one of the empire servers.. I'm Sure Aikar could code something like this, so this is why I think we should have this."
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  2. I do not know if this is even possible...
  3. Well im sure SOME of the stuff isnt possible, but I have been to a server that allowed us to do /server
  4. If this is possible, it might be a cool thing to have.
  5. So this is just to join another server?
  6. Yeser, only that. And ONLY for SMP servers, and you could only do this in town. Now, im not sure about the TOWN part, but I have seen servers with /server. Maybe a plugin maker could look into this :D
  7. ...Or you could just add each server to your server list to join any server quickly.
  8. So what is so hard about just disconnecting and going on the multiplayer menu?
  9. But that would be too easy...
  10. This sort of confuses me. Then again if this was the case, then there really wouldn't be a need. If I'm on SMP1 and need to go to 8 then I would have to do just like now and log off then choose SMP8 from the server list.

    If this was maybe a chat across servers I wouldn't mind. I hate being on one server working on something and a friend being on another.
  11. But that might make sense. There is no fun in making sense.
    But no this would be kind of a cool thing just to have on the server, as long as it didn't cause lag.
    It probably would though.
  12. This would be my reaction to that happening.....
    I am going to use this GIF waaaaaay too much
  13. Mine would be a mix of these two:

  14. It's possible.

    I like the idea. No reason to charge for convenience though, just have it as a simple /server [number] and you switch to that server.
  15. I have to!
  16. Exactly what I mean. But I would just like a way for people to only do it in town, and not outside town. But I think it is possible.
  17. Well I see no need in this, you just can connect instand of using /server smp#.
    why would someone pay rupees for this, if he/she could only disconnect and connect to it from the multiplayer menu for free?
  18. I want it this way because,well, Utopia is the special server. Yes, I do know people can do that. Its just special lol
  19. You can't switch between servers im sure.
  20. Now this HAS to be implemented.
    I mean in other servers have portals that lead to other servers.
    It is possible JackBiggin.
    I for one want this implemented.
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