Creating an EMC Promotional Video

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Will you come to be in the last group shot?

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Yes of course! 34 vote(s) 89.5%
Ah.. sorry I don't think so. 4 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. Hey everyone, Heyaroo here.

    I have an idea. Well actually lots of ideas XD but I've narrowed it down to one thing: An EMC promotional video.

    Now what kind of video do you ask? I would like to make a short film that is like an advertisement for EMC but that has more of a comedy touch to it and a short and sweet storyline.

    The storyline is basically how some of us got here. We started off in Single Player and thought "This is great!" But as more and more we played Single Player we knew there was something missing.. We wanted to find a server where we can have fun playing Minecraft with other players in a safe and awesome community. Then we found EMC, a one of a kind server filled with friendly players, fantastic builds, great staff, and much more!

    So basically this short film will be a story of a player discovering EMC and finding their home here. It will not be completely a short film because in the end I will tie in an advertisement for EMC.

    This is where I need your help. I would love to feature some of your amazing builds on this video! Also, i need people to act in the video and in the end, have everyone group up together for a last video shot
    Please submit your residence below with the SMP, Res number, and what your residence is. A screenshot would help too!
    If you would like to be an actor or be in the last group video clip, it will be this Friday (Feb 8) at 6pm PST (which is also 2 am GMT Feb 9 sorry really late).

    It would also be cool to feature some of our great staff in this video! :p Six moderators have said they will do it :D

    If you have any questions about this video, feel free to ask below.

    This is my YouTube Channel where I will upload the video, and please check out my other videos as well! :D
    Thanks so much!
  2. I see if my project Temple of Time will be finish in time. < haha pun
  3. Could I be in the final picture ;)
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  4. Yes of course! :D Everyone can be in the last shot. I'll edit the post once I figure out a date.
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  5. Depending on what day it is i might be able to make it for the last group shot:D

    I wouldn't be able to post my res in there tho because i have just started building a hotel and I only have 2 out of 12 floors done:(
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  6. My residence:
    Residence: 3049
    It's basically a nether palace with an underground blaze sculpture.

  7. I have no good resses at the moment...
  8. Wow that is absolutely incredible! It's so beautiful :O
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  9. Residence #: 14859
    Smp: smp7
    Description: I have built a massive and accurate replica of Stark Tower from the movie Avengers, and put together a team of Avengers to occupy it. Although most of the interior and a few exterior parts are still unfinished, it is still pretty cool, and possibly worthy of this. I might be able to get the big "STARK" letters done quickly, if I knew you wanted to use it.

    Also, I would want to be in the photo if I can make it.

    Stark view 1.png

    EDIT: I just realized this picture isn't very good :p
  10. This is amazing too! Is that picture taken from your neighbor's roof and do you know if he/she would be okay for me to film on their roof?
  11. SMP 3
    (Arlan89/ Rnhrd are my twink accounts, so you dont wonder ^^)
    Res: 6727

    Res: 6436

    Res: 6839

    And depending on when you do the video, I might be done with Res: 6293

    Also I would suggest D1223m's tower. I guess as the district manager, I may suggest it on his behalf :p

    Res: 6437

  12. My res is halfway done Origamijoe and I spent 6 hours on it got a lot done hopefully will finish it this weekend.
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  13. I would volunteer my res but I have a tower that's not complete. :( Haven't been able to get on much since my laptop cord died and the monitor on the PC I use is too dark to see even with torches.
  14. I want to be in the photo please
  15. If your still looking for something to explore, Therbrook is always available :)
  16. I have two neighbors that have decent views of the tower, and they better vantage point, the one in the picture, is from an old and sadly inactive friend of mine. I'm hoping to have another friend who has use in addition to build (I only have build) to set up a viewing platform teleporter at some point. However, both of those neighbors I'm sure wouldn't and would not have mind/minded.
  17. What about the glass thing you just made? I can definitely include a clip of that :D

    These are amazing! Can't wait to film it!

    Even if its not completely done by the time I film I can still record certain areas that are already done that you want me to show :) I think I'll start filming residences on Sunday and throughout next week. I want to try to upload the video before the 1.5 update because it might be hectic for everyone.

    Yes of course! And I don't know if this changes anyone's mind of being in it but it's a video shot not a photo. Sorry if I made it confusing.

    Thanks so much, I'll message everyone to plan when I'm going to their residences.

    And I need to find some more awesome builds to record please! :D I need at least 15 builds. Also, it would be great to get some actors - around 10 or more.
    Thanks everyone!
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  18. Contact Krysyyjane9191 and Ignoramoose. They both have some very nice builds and I'm sure would be more than willing to help you out with the project.
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  19. Ok I will :D Thanks! I hope they don't mind.
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