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  1. Hello Droogies, Cohorts, and all other friendly types!

    As is probably evident by my posting this, I am brand new to this server, but already very glad I found it. I love the stress on comunity I'm seeing so far and can't wait to get to know everyone who cares to know me. :)

    I've already filled out my "About Me" on my profile, so I won't go into too much detail about myself here as I'd hate to be redundant, but I will hit the highlights. I'm a single mom with one awesome kid, I'm on the verge of leaving my 20's behind at the end of this month and rolling over the hill to 30 -yikes, that looks horrifying when I see it typed out-. I'm a writer/author and also an online student of SNHU. Most of my free time is spent reading or gaming -can you tell I have a great offline social life?- but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Anyway, I think I've actually surpassed my about me in length now, so I'll just do this instead: I give you a challenge! You are challenged to ask me a question. Any question -so long as it's within the rules of the site and can be answered within those same rules- I'm pretty chill, so please, ask away!

    Hugs, Kisses, and Cookies,

  2. Sounds great! :)
    What does your profile picture depict?
  3. Welcome, I'm Alarm :)

    What is your favourite thing you have discovered about EMC so far? :)
  4. Welcome to the Empire, you may call me Fendy, or just stick to FDNY if you like :)

    My question to you is what SMP server have you decided to reside on?
  5. Hi 607! Thanks for the question. My Profile Picture is a watercolor painting I commissioned from an amazing artist named Lee Bradford of my pseudonym, Mad Mae March -my real name is actually Jamie, but I've gone by Mae for so many years now I just tend to introduce myself and respond to such-.

    Mae March is my interpretation of a beloved and underrated character from one of my favorite books, Alice in Wonderland. Sort of a human personification of the Mad March Hare. I asked Lee to draw me as she views me as an author as though I were all dressed up to head to the Hatter's Unbirthday Tea.

    Thanks again!
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  6. Hi AlarmGoesBeep!

    Awesome name, so fun!

    As for your question, this may sound weird, but I loved how in-depth the tutorial was. It really gave me a good sense for the world and the community around it. I felt right at home by the time I finished!
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  7. Hey Freddy!

    Can I assume the NY is because you're from the great state of New York? I'm just a state below in PA if so, and I hope you're braced for this storm we're apparently getting. :)

    As to my server, I'm not actually sure yet. I'm a bit sleepy but got sucked into building a house in the starter lot it assigned me in the tutorial. I may actually just stick to building there for a while, hopefully, venture out into the wilderness and the wasteland enough to gather enough resources to make something awesome of it and eventually make some friends to start/join an outpost with once I get more comfortable with everything and manufacture myself an enderchest.

    Hope to see you around and talk to you more!
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  9. Thanks MrsWishes!
  10. Hey Mae (see what I did there???)
    Welcome to EMC and I'm sure you'll love it here. Oh, and SMP1 FTW

    Question on a scale of 1 to 9000, how MAD are you?

    See you around :)
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  11. Welcome to EMC Mae! I really love your avatar, watercolors are my favorite! It's nice to see another mom join also ^_^
    So, my questions are, how long have you been writing? And, what's your preferred genre of storytelling?

    BTW whenever you get a chance you should stop by Kephras' and Hashog's profiles, just to name 2 players who have a pretty good way with words in the Empire. ~_^
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  12. Thanks for the warm welcome Kytula! How many/how old is/are your little one(s)? And thank you for the recommendations, I'll definitely check them out!

    To answer your questions, I've been writing for as long as I can remember. My great-grandmother helped raise me -long story; mother left when I was 6 months old and never came back while my dad was in the navy, so I was raised by my grandparents and great-grands equally. Okay, so I guess that wasn't that long of a story- and she used to tell me that if I could think of a story I wanted to hear but it didn't exist it was my creative obligation to the world to write it down. I can remember staying up into all hours of the night on this clunky old 80's typewriter she used to have typing out Swat Cat's fan fiction when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, and I don't know that I ever stopped writing. It's always been an outlet for me. I didn't start putting it out there and submitting it until about 3 years ago though. Since then I've been published 3 times and have had multiple other stories read on a few literary/story based podcasts -my favorite of which is The Wicked Library, super fun if you're into horror- Which brings me to your next question; most of what I've had published is in the horror genre, which is one of my favorites. I've always loved scary stories, grew up reading Goosebumps and the such, was writing book reports on Poe by the time I was in 6th grade -which my super conservative Christian school LOVED *slaked in sarcasm*- but I also write in a number of other genres. I have a young adult novel which is set to be a series that I'm almost done with preliminary drafting, a few speculative fiction pieces I'm looking for a good home for, and I've done a great deal of romance and erotic fiction as well.

    Thanks again for the great questions and everything else. I look forward to talking to you again soon!
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  13. Mae, If you ever need any resources or are stuck for some rupees just let me know as I can help you out :)

    Yours, Alarm.
  14. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Hope to see you around in game sometime!

  15. Welcome to EMC Mad! I've read about you on your profile and I'm really impressed. It must be hard to raise a child alone. Anyways, If you ever need someone to talk to, or need help with anything It will be more than a pleasure to help you. You just let me know if you need something. ;)

    Also, you can PM me on the forums if you want. It's most likely that I'll be online every day.

  16. As many have seen this picture, I am the first fox pirate of the four. Pennsylvania dang almost a half country away from me .-.
  17. Same here!

    But anyway! Welcome to the Empire Mae! It is a great place to stay (I've been here for 1235 or some odd days) and just keep in mine no matter what anyone tells you about SMP8, you should come and visit us! You leave with free fish ;)
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  18. Welcome! Glad to have another mom join us on EMC :) My son just turned 10, how old is your kiddo?

    Also, there are many public farms and builds around EMC that you should take a tour of for resources and fun/inspiration. smp5 has my favorite public enderman farm. There are multiple sheep shearing and village trading farms in various smp towns, and I think there's at least one public tree cutting farm. I'm not as familiar with the ones outside smp8 because I'm the lunatic that manages "smp8 Public Wild Utilities" . I've got my hands full :) Hope you enjoy emc as much as I am!
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  19. Hi Mae. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay, and if you need anything I'm usually around. Just let me know. :)
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  20. I was so tempted to answer for FDNY here, as you got some things wrong, but I think I should let Fendy speak for himself :p (it's no problem by the way, he loves posting on here so he probably won't mind an excuse to post some more here, explaning for instance the origin of his name ;))
    Anyway: thanks for the explanation! I can see it now! I really love Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, because it's just really well-written and has my kind of humour, but also because I can really relate to many of the characters in Wonderland (perhaps that has to do with me having an autism spectrum disorder, which can lead to miscommunications between me and people around me like the ones that often happen between Alice and the other characters).
    You said something about your name: do you mean you use the name in real life too, or only on the internet? I'd assume the latter, but I'm interested, as your wording made me think you introduced yourself as Mae in physical settings too as opposed to only online.
    Oh, I'm rambling a bit, it's 10:20 PM here which is a bit late for me :p
    Whenever it is available, I use 607 on the internet (except when I want to be undercover, of course). Sometimes when it's not available I even try to get around it with things like The607 or SixOSeven. At school, I use 607 for games too, and the people in my class all know I go around as 607 on the internet.
    And yet, nobody would ever call me that in real life, but that's probably mostly because it's not a real name.
    Alice, a friend of mine on here (you could check her profile: AliceTheFox) called me Sixx for a long time, which worked better, but recently she started calling me by my birth name, which I don't state publicly (there is one post where somebody calls me by my name, but it's buried in an old thread).
    I have nicknames for most of my friends, too, and I only really use them when talking about them with people on the internet, especially when in English. I'm Dutch myself.

    I should probably stop now, this is getting a bit long :p Not for my standards, though, I love writing, it clears my thoughts. Sometimes my posts seem all-over-the-place, and that's because my mind is all-over-the-place, and no matter how often I say "anyway", at some points I still can't help forgetting the point I'm trying to make ;)
    I hope you didn't mind reading this, though, as your posts were nicely long too!
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