could the capping limit be set at 50-60 instead of 40?

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Do you have the same problems as me sometimes?

Yes 23 vote(s) 63.9%
No 7 vote(s) 19.4%
always have supporter so it doesn't matter to me :P 6 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Hey, so since my supporter ran out i have had the problem of not being able to log onto emc servers such as my home server which is quite frustrating or even if i log onto a different server then cant re connect to the server i disconnected from. This problem has only really been occurring in the past few months due to all of the new players flooding in to join :p. Anyway i cant afford to renew my supporter every month just so i can connect to the server which i keep all of my equipment on ect and im sure i am not the only one with this problem? is there even the slightest possibility that the cap limit could be raised to maybe 50 or 60? maybe just raise them at night ( eu night time ) because that is the time when most emc'ers come online. i would really appreciate it :3

    p.s im not brilliant at explaining or elaborating my points so sorry if it sounds blunt or anything :p
  2. Most of them come on at US 3-6 pm >:]
  3. Yeah i think thats when most UK/European members are one :3 or when they come on just before they go to bed
  4. I thought it already was 60?
  5. i think it was for a while then i think they decided to cap it at 40 over the holidays to reduce lag but i think it stayed at that level xD :p
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  6. Before I was supporter I had this problem and since my supporter is about to run out I will have the problem again
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  7. Iron supporter is always an option. For $5 a month you cannot go wrong!
  8. i dont work (only 16) so i dont allways have money in the bank. :3
  9. This and vouchers, easiest solution. Just sit at a farm for a day (or a few days) and get an iron voucher. They are usually pretty cheap :)
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  10. Same here
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  11. :) I am 16 and do not work. I cannot keep diamond because I do not have that much. But if I was desperate, I would do some chores and ask for a small allowance :)

    I know this isnt something all people can do and I definately thing we should go back up to 60 players per slot, but until then.... when my diamond runs out im going iron.
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  12. Maybe you could try to buy an iron or gold voucher with rupees? I know it takes a lot of rupees, but it could give you a goal to try to raise enough rupees each month to buy a voucher. Just a suggestion, good luck to you!
  13. There were reasons why it was lowered from 60. One of the reasons the servers were at 60 for a while was because we never reached that limit. Over the holidays the limit was reached and staff realized it was too much for the server. When too many people are on, it puts a ton of stress on the servers because everyone is usually far apart from each other. This causes the server to load more entities and this causes server lag. The current limit was decided upon to keep the servers from becoming unplayable. It will likely on go back up if new hardware if purchased for some super optimizations are made server side.
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  14. But if we cannot get more supporters, then we cannot buy more hardware so its kind of a conundrum.
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  15. How does not raising the limit stop people from supporting? Story time:
    A while ago, there was only one smp server and the cap was at 40. Getting on took some real dedication and iron supporters were actually a thing. There was even a post on the front page about why things were always full. I would say this is the opposite of one of those chicken and the egg problems. Having a lower limit will make more people buy supporter ships, which it did back then, which means more money for the server. More money means that the server can either upgrade the hardware or put more time into new features (because time is money).
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  16. But why will people continue supporting if it gets raised. I see more and more people becoming supporter from vouchers, which were bought by someone at one point... those are not recurring though once it is gone it is gone and they arent making more money.

    *Insert quote from someone else that I must have seen on another thread, even though I think that person was you...*
    I agree, I think we should have more developers. I know that there are more developers out there, it is a raising job force. I mean my cousin who is 16 makes money by developing plugins for minecraft. Quit rambling Stew... this has nothing to do with this thread....
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  17. Maybe not 60 cap, but maybe 50? or 45. I had the same problem. I was stuck on smp7 for 1 hour due to firefloor :/
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  18. This will not be change for the time being because it would just cause too much lag...
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  19. In that case, it all comes down to being able to keep those supporters for other reasons. Back to the topic on hand, these are all the more reasons to not raise the limit. It creates money problems to base the income off of a problem that will then be fixed and cause the money to go away.
  20. I have a question about the caps. I know that supporters can get on regardless of if the cap is reached, but do supporters count towards the cap. Example: if there were 40 supporters on a server, would no non supporters be able to join until a supporter left?